Last Minute Hair Ideas To Nail Your NYE Look

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By this stage you’ve nailed your NYE dress, you’ve plotted you makeup look for the evening and all that’s left to do is wrestle with those luscious locks to create a fabulous hairstyle to match.

At this stage escaping to the hair salon isn’t much of an option but inspiration and hair tutorials are in abundance (thankfully you’re not the first to experience the NYE hairstyle rut). Whether you choose a decorative plait, a DIY updo or chic tousled waves, party hairstyles have the power to totally transform a look.

Instagram / @kirstin_ess

If hair styling isn’t your strong point, the good news is that hair accessories are bigger than ever this season so all it takes is a run through with the hair brush, strategic placing of a hair clip and you’re ready to dance on into the night to celebrate the new year. The embellished hair slide has to be the most low maintenance party look of the season. Wear it with a loose ponytail or to exaggerate your hair parting. The hidden joy of the hair slide is that it’s great for hiding greasy roots and tends to sit better in day two hair rather than after just being wash. The dirt in the hair affords enough texture for the clip to hold on to as opposed to silky, soft hair which makes it even better for those who are over the constant beauty prep associated with party season.

Instagram / @jenatkinhair
Instagram / @jenatkinhair

Failing the hair slide solution, revert to preppy, childhood days, embracing velvet bows and hairbands done the grown up way. Velvet is one of the luxurious fabrics we so frequently associate with fashion at this time of year and just like the embellished hair slide, it’s a simple yet effective style to embrace for New Year’s Eve.

If hair accessorising isn’t you’re thing, try these 7 easy, party hairstyles to complete your killer New Year’s Eve look.

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Sweep hair elegantly off your face and give your makeup and outfit their moment to shine.

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Cat eye, red lip, tousled bangs. Channel your inner 60s chic this New Year’s Eve.

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Leave it to natural textures this season and embrace your curls.

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Just hopped out of the shower with no time to spare? Go for the sculpted wet look a la Chanel.

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Knot your average pony(tail) with this look. This look keeps hair out of your face with a little sophisticated attitude.

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Beach waves are no longer reserved for summer time. Texture spray and some backcombing is all you need to bring beach wave drama to the New Year’s party.

Instagram / @emmachenartistry

Keep curls soft and sophisticated, parted in the middle and securely pinned behind your ears – perfect for showing off those statement jewels.

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