Lavender: The Benefits And Uses Of Nature’s Wonder Plant

Lavender is one of the most prized herbs. Its sweet smelling foliage and deep violet hues can lift the spirits and the home in a variety of ways. Its uses range from skin care, hair rinses and sleep aids, to flavouring baking or adding a floral note to your favourite tipple. Essential first aid for burns, stings and bites, lavender truly is a queen amongst plants.

We all best know lavender for its claim to fame in its ability to enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep. Best of all, unlike some essential oils that require caution in use, lavender sits at the safer side of the spectrum, making it a great choice to use around the family and household.

Research has shown that lavender’s properties can:

Improve sleep
Stabilise mood
Calm nerves
Work as an expectorant
Balance blood sugar
Kill bacteria
Relieve pain
Soothe burns
Speed wound healing

Lavender oil rubbed onto the temples can ease a headache.

A few drops of lavender oil applied directly to a burn can speed healing and lessen pain.

Crush fresh flowers and rub onto skin to help ward off midges and mosquitoes in the hotter months.

A drop on a small person’s pillow can help them drift into a dreamy sleep.

Add 1 teaspoon of lavender flowers to fresh lemonade and serve over ice for a refreshing summer drink.

Used as a hair rinse, lavender can soothe an inflamed scalp, prevent dandruff, balance oil production and help to prevent hair loss.

Create a simple, natural face scrub – mix dried lavender flowers and milled oats with a little water for a gentle, fragrant face scrub. The perfect addition to a wind-down bedtime routine.

Mix a teaspoon of lavender flowers to a cup of bicarbonate of soda and sprinkle onto a carpet or rug, leave for 30 mins (or ideally overnight) and vacuum up for a fresh-smelling carpet.

Place bunches of dried lavender flowers in cupboards to deter moths.

Place a teaspoon of lavender flowers into a jam jar of organic cane sugar or natural sweetener and leave in a dark cupboard for a few weeks, then use to sprinkle in or on baking, or add to porridge for a sweet floral flavour.

Infuse raw honey with lavender flowers, which can be used as a delicious condiment to ice cream or can be soothed into a minor burn for instant pain relief.


Eve Brannon

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