Medium Blunt Haircuts Tempting Us All To Get The Chop

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Given how 70s inspired style has totally captivated the fashion industry, it’s no surprise that the beauty world has followed suit. The blunt bob, of 70s origin, is predicted to be one of the most popular hair trends for 2019 and it’s not difficult to see why.

It’s chic but edgy, nonchalant but fresh, modern with an oh-so-healthy appeal, low maintenance and yet offers plenty of style inspiration.

Those unsure of what a blunt cut actually is, a blunt bob refers to the ‘do where your hair is cut to all one length, waving goodbye to shaggy layers and instead opting for a clean cut with a sophisticated finish. It’s a look that flatters all face shapes as the length can be slightly adjusted to suit every person’s face. The blunt ends help to thicken up hair, great news for those constantly battling flatness within their fine locks with the balanced, blocky ends adding weight, volume and the illusion of much thicker hair. Those at the other end of the spectrum with a thicker head of hair, face fears of ‘mushroom-esque’ short hairdos by asking your hairdresser to layer the hair internally so that layers on top remain long and even.

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The blunt bob is perfect for a complete refresh of your look. It’s cathartic both in terms of transforming your look and moving on with issues in your personal life. It’s a cut that’s especially good for saving badly damaged hair, over-coloured or severely heat damaged for example. Consider it a palate cleanser for correcting mistakes made by previous hairdressers and when the time comes that you decide to grow out your bob, the blunt ends serve as the ideal starting point to grow hair back in a healthy and balanced way.

If you’re going for a drastic cut from significantly longer hair, ease remaining nerves by speaking to your hairdresser about styling options once you’ve introduced the blunt bob hairstyle to your overall look. Easy options include a sleek, side parting part, kept in place by two bobby pins, perfect for a day-to-night chic but modern look. Alternatively, switch up the style by simply flipping your hair to a parting on the other side. It gives an interesting two layered look and works wonders if you’ve got highlights in your hair.

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In terms of what the experts are saying about the trend, speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, influential stylist and Ghd ambassador, Zoe Irwin predicted a move away from shattered and layered hair towards a blunter, sharper finish. “I envisage it being a shift away from the mid-length boyfriend bob, which was so popular last season, to something more precise and above the shoulder, roughly halfway between your ears and the nape of the neck,” she continued.

Looking at celebrity style provides further inspiration. Celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin is among the originals responsible for the blunt bob phenomenon sweeping the A-lister, Hollywood nation and by extension, all of us influenced by celebrity style. Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa are among those who have braved the chop and filled us with the courage to do the same.

Considering embracing the blunt bob as your ‘do for 2019? Check out the looks below for inspiration.

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