Met Gala 2018: Rate It Or Hate It

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Last night marked one of our very favourite red-carpet events of the year – the Meta Gala.

The benefit event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the New York social calendar attracting designers and celebs from around the world. The event is notorious for its extravagant dress themes, pricey tickets and very exclusive guest list.

This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination, which paid homage to the influence that Catholicism has had on fashion throughout history. The spectrum of how the stars honoured the theme is huge, with some nailing it more than others.

Here’s how Team TSE rates last night’s looks:

RIHANNA : 6/10

Opting for a papal-inspired gown Rihanna certainly went for the obvious when paying homage to this year’s theme. Whilst she looks regal in her ornate gown, her gorgeous figure (bar her pins) is all but hidden therefore by-passing the ‘heavenly bodies’ element of the theme.


Vogue Editor-in-chief and co-host of the Met Gala, Anna Wintour, looked breathtaking in an elegant, highly embellished Chanel gown which she described as ‘cardinal Chanel’. She created an effective medium between ornate decoration and pure elegance. However, she played it a little safe for a lady of her standing and could have certainly upped the anti with some additional accessories to pay further homage to the theme.


Ariana showcased the ultimate reflection of the theme from all of its angles. Grande’s Vera Wang gown demonstrated an angelic cut, and an equally heavenly fabric which stunned on-lookers with a captivating imprint of the Sistine Chapel’s back wall – truly creative! Her bow detail veil made her look even more angelic on the red carpet – if that’s at all possible!


Katy Perry looked simply heavenly in a golden gown with angelic wings. The pop princess’ Versace attire was beautifully reminiscent of the Angel Gabriel as she glistened in gold on the red carpet. A point off for the boots which slightly take away from the elegance of the rest of her outfit.

GIGI HADID : 10/10

As usual Gigi absolutely nailed this year’s Gala theme. Her custom Versace gown highlighted her heavenly body shape and effectively reflected the sheer beauty of ornate decoration within the Catholic Church – particularly the shimmering beauty of stain glass windows. Ingenious and truly breathtaking!

RITA ORA: 2/10

Whilst Rita Ora’s attire undoubtedly looked shapely and elegant, her Prada gown paid very little homage to the theme in neither colour, cut or detail. As much as we adore Rita, she seemed to have missed the memo with this one!


Cara Delevingne truly pushed the boat out at this year’s gala with this black Dior gown. Not only did her beautifully cut, patterned dress reflect the uniformity of Catholicism but her creative headpiece made a powerful comparison to the confessional cabinet – if slightly impractical.

MADONNA : 4/10

Whilst Madonna’s accessories are reminiscent of the ornate Catholic decor that has undoubtedly influenced fashion throughout the years, the cut and colour of her Jean Paul Gautier gown appeared more hellish then heavenly. A little too much black and a very tentative nod to the theme says Team TSE.

J-LO : 8/10

Jennifer Lopez certainly made a heavenly homage to the theme last night. Her beautifully beaded Balmain split leg dress certainly signals to the ornate decor that is abundant within the Catholic Church. The shape truly enhances J-Lo’s heavenly body but a couple of points off for going for the obvious with the front cross panel.


Another one of our favourite looks from this year’s Met was Julia Stegner in this stunning Balmain gown. The ornate beaded embellishment in a variety of colours and patterns perfectly exemplifies how the opulence of Catholic decor has been incorporated into designer fashion throughout history, whilst the clean one-shoulder cut creates the epitome of a heavenly body silhouette.

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