Minimalist Makeup: 5 Products To Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

We live in a world where we’re constantly striving to simplify things, make routines more efficient, save time wherever we can. On the flip side, we’re also battling with a heavily consumer driven world, particularly within the beauty industry. Every day there are new beauty products, wellness experiences and entirely new beauty brands launched. Simply search beauty launches in 2018 and you’ll be met with a multitude of beauty product roundups that give you a rough idea of just how many beauty products were launched in 2018 alone.

‘The 15 best new makeup launches of 2018, according to the beauty team’

‘Best In Class: 2018’s Beauty Products Of The Year’ 

‘The Best New Makeup Launches Coming in December’

You get the gist. On top of that, we’re already gearing up for even more beauty launches fast approaching in 2019.

The temptation to try all of these new products can be overwhelming, much like placing a kid in a candy shop for the beauty aficionados among us. While experimenting with new releases and beauty trends entices many of us, with commutes to consider, full-time jobs along with all of life’s many adult responsibilities, carrying out a lengthy full faced makeup routine on a day to day basis isn’t always feasible. That’s not to say we have to ditch the makeup bag completely Monday-Friday but instead suggests adopting a different approach to our weekday beauty routine, without compromising on the feel good factor beauty products provide us with. Enter the minimalist makeup routine, filled with the hybrid products that work overtime to keep us feeling polished during office life.

Scroll through to discover the products that may just become your 9-5 beauty saviours this year.

Prioritise skincare

First things first, let’s start with the skincare. Assuming that like most normal people, you dedicate time to at least showering and brushing your teeth every morning, this should be relatively easy. If you’re worried about the time it will take, just think about it as carrying over the time you’ve shaved off your makeup routine in the long run.

Looking after your skin properly has the power to change your entire approach to beauty. Not only will it save you time when doing your makeup every morning but you’ll thank yourself in the long-term when the anti-aging effects kick in much later. By looking after your skin, your complexion will improve and appear more even thus reducing requirements for heavy duty foundation and blemish control. This then comes full circle with the use of lighter foundations or even CC creams that are more gentle on the skin. Come summer 2019 you may even be ready to skip the foundation altogether. 

All in all, your first step is to top up your skincare knowledge, invest in a good cleanser and swap out your foundation for a trusted concealer. We recommend Tarte’s Shape Tape, a product where a little certainly goes a long way. All you need to is apply small amount dotted along the eye area and dark circles are covered while your overall complexion is brightened in one fell swoop.

Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh, £30 at Harrods
Shape Tape Contour Concealer, £22 at Tarte Cosmetics

MILK MAKEUP Lip and Cheek Stick, £36 at London Loves Beauty 

Deemed the makeup brand for girls who do their makeup quickly, MILK makeup is full of easy to use, hybrid products perfect for doing just that. Most products like the Lip and Cheek Stick can be easily swiped on, gently blended using your fingers or beauty blender to create and effortless, minimalist makeup look for women on the go.

Since the brand’s inception in 2016, it’s been dedicated to creating cruelty-free products before recently announcing the brand is going 100% vegan and as such, products have fortunately swerved questionable ingredients including parabens and sulfates, further gaining customer’s trust of the products in the process. 

The joy of this products is that the price actually reflects the quantity of the product so while forking out £24 for a blusher may seem questionable, the Milk Lip and Cheek Stick makes it worth it. Plus, you’re getting two products for one here. Easy to blend and with the applicator the perfect size for applying to the apple of cheeks, you’re sure to avoid streaky looking finish. While you’re free to build the product to your desired coverage and experiment with various shades, this product is ideal for a natural, sheer flush on both cheeks and lips.

MILK MAKEUP Lip and Cheek Stick, £36 at London Loves Beauty

Eyelure magnetic lashes, £13.95 at Boots

Ain’t nobody got time for faffing around with fake lashes everyday and somedays (Monday, we’re looking at you), the inevitable mascara smudge is just too much for stress levels to handle. Equally, not all of us are prepared to embrace the bald eagle, mascara free look just yet. Thankfully, Eyelure appear to have been listening to their customer data when they released their magnetic lashes. 

These are ideal if you’re looking for a gentler alternative to traditional false lashes and you’re done with paying your dues to the dreaded lash glue. The idea is that they sandwich your natural lashes, applying the magnetic versions above and below with two interlocking strips of false eyelashes held together using very small magnets. 

Admittedly, this adds a whole lot of luxe to your supposedly minimalist makeup routine but we know some elements of everyday makeup can’t be sacrificed so lash addicts, this one is for you.

Eyelure magnetic lashes, £13.95 at Boots

Boy Brow, £14 at Glossier

It wouldn’t be a minimalist makeup round up without mention of Glossier. As reigning champions of the minimalist makeup world, this product will cut down makeup time in an invaluable way. Anyone else hate the concentration and precision it takes filling brows every morning? It’s almost as intense as an early morning liquid eyeliner application. Although many of us wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without our brows on, this easy to apply product is perfect for quick application on commute, small enough to fit comfortably into your work bag and super-subtle to re-apply at your desk. Forget risks of an overdrawn, heavy-duty brows (you know the kind that happens with an accidental slip of your hand before being stuck with it all day), this creamy but strong formula will add bulk to your brows will filling and defining them in a natural way. The product comes in shades brown, black and blonde with an additional clear version that gives your brows the same soft, conditioning hold without the pigment.

Boy Brow, £14 at Glossier

Strobe Cream, £25 at MAC Cosmetics

A good moisturising primer and base is your secret weapon to maintaining a simplified beauty routine year round. Priming factors will help to keep skin looking at it’s best and will enhance the powers of your minimalist makeup products. This Strobe Cream from MAC brings skin alive to create a glowing finish that stands the test of time when worn alone for make-free days and also works with your aforementioned skincare routine to highlight your natural complexion in the best light when facing a full day makeup. 

Due to the iridescent particles present in the product’s formula, the effects are instant with a visible radiance to your skin upon immediate application. Available in five different shades and with a formula containing a range of vitamins, botanicals and green tea, this product leaves skin with a healthy, luminous finish reminiscent of that achieved post-facial. All in all, perfect for taking minimalist makeup looks to the next level.

Strobe Cream, £25 at MAC Cosmetics
Niamh Crawford-Walker

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