New Season, New Hair: New Looks To Try This Season

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Remember when September came around when you were a kid and your mum used to frantically get the uniforms sorted, polish the school shoes and of course, corner you for the infamous back-to-school hair cut?

Turns out the back-to-school hair cut routine doesn’t change much when you’re an adult. Except instead of looking smart for school photos, we’re caving to pressures of Instagram trends, hair looks flaunted by off-duty models during fashion month and admittedly, there’s still part of us that wants to please our mother’s with our ability to adult properly and keep ourselves looking presentable.

In school, each September hair change was mostly in pursuit of looking more grown up. These days there’s an element of that but apparently, the older we get the more determined we are to appear carefree and creative when it comes to our hair.

2017 saw a trip to the lighter side of hair life, mostly thanks to Kim Kardashian’s growing addiction to peroxide blonde and overwhelming extension lengths. There was a nod to rose gold along the way as the inescapable trend spilled over from our jewellery to our haircare and of course, balayage refused to be silenced and made its position to stay very clear.

As for September 2018, brace yourself for a brand new season of hair flipping as the new season hair trends serve up some of the best looks yet.

Glass Hair

First came the glass skin, a beauty trend that started in Korea and consisted of people applying layer upon layer upon layer of essence and serum until their skin held a glass-like finish. Now the trend has made its move into the hands of the hair gurus.

Glass hair is characterised by its highly reflective lacquer and blunt cut. It’s straight, shiny and super sleek and not a single red carpet event or celebrity Instagram shoot has gone by in recent months without it featuring.

Stars including Olivia Culpo, Ashley Graham and every Kardashian sister have embraced the trend and now, armed with GHDs and several shine enhancing products, it’s your turn.

Dusty Blonde

Summer brings with it a surge of bright and icy blondes but come september, there’s no better time to start softening those blonde tones and opting for a shade closer to your natural colour. Darker shades of blonde will add a little dimension to your look, not to mention the texture and edge you’ll gain from the colour switch up.

Cold Brew Colour

Toffee, chocolate, honey and now cold brew. Apparently our hair colouring preferences don’t stray too far from our taste buds.  As with the other shade names, we’re not talking about our actual coffee order. The name plays on the varying degrees of the cream added to coffee. This colouring technique is about the gentle swirling of neutral and golden tones through the hair. “Just like when you pour a little bit of milk into your coffee,” explains NYC-based colourist, Stephanie Brown.

Gloss Smudging

Also known as “shadow hair” or “shadow roots”, this trend refers to the latest low-maintenance way to create gorgeous dimension to your hair. It’s a technique used by hairdressers to give depth to your colour while also making the transition from your natural shade much more seamless. The best part is you can leave your colour for as long as four to six months without having to retouch your roots. Unlike when adding highlights to your hair in the traditional sense, this trend actually looks better as it grows out.

The Side Bun

Pinterest recently released the most pinned hair trends of 2018 and while in the UK, the bun still reigns supreme, this season we’re all about the side bun – searches for which are up 164% in the last year.

The side bun covers all bases whether you’re going for the “I woke up like this” relaxed vibe or an easy style that still looks sleek and put together. Night out, wedding or just one of those days where you feel like upping your game, incorporate the side bun into your hairstyle repertoire and you’re on to a winner.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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