Night-Time Skincare Sorted

Jill McFaul is a Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Artist in Victoria Square, Belfast, N.Ireland.

Finding the perfect night-time skincare routine is extremely difficult.

You not only need to stick with a routine until you start to see its effect but you also have to find the right balance of products that work for your skin.

I want to take you all through my skincare routine at night so you can find products that will make a real difference to your skin, I promise!

Jill's skin before cleansing.

Step one: To start off my routine I cleanse my face. I have to admit this is one of the main products I have struggled with, I wanted a cleanser that really dissolved my makeup, both daytime and my more glamorous going out make-up, however I didn’t want to use a separate eye make-up remover and I also didn’t want the cleanser to sting my eyes – not a lot to ask for right?

I’ve been through a lot of brands’ cleansers from Tom Ford to Charlotte Tilbury, not forgetting Liz Earle, and I always go back to the exact same one from the Bodyshop! It gets better, it’s only RRP £10! It’s called the Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. This 90ml balm will honestly change your life! Especially for those ladies and gents with sensitive skin. It is like rubbing silk on your face, the consistency is a soft creamy mixture that melts every single piece of make-up including the toughest mascara away, I then remove it with a warm, damp face cloth..Ta da! (Honestly thank me later.)

Step two: Not everyone includes this in their routine but toning after I cleanse is a must, I feel weird if I don’t. I am opening my pores up by cleansing so the logic is to close them again. For this I use the Pixi Glow Tonic (250ml) RRP £18. The tonic helps to firm and tighten normal to dry, dull and ageing skin and removes dead skin cells to leave skin healthy and radiant-looking. It is formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid which hydrates and firms the skin. The reason I like this toner is because it is free from alcohol, most toners will have a % of alcohol in them which is extremely drying for the skin, so I definitely recommend this one as it is friendly on the skin but also definitely feels like it exfoliates as the skin can tingle slightly.

Step Three: This is my final step in my skincare routine, however it does involve two products. First up is the La Mer Moisurizing Cream. I had heard so many good reports on this cream that I decided to treat myself to it when I was shopping in Brown Thomas, Dublin. It is more on the expensive side as 30ml is £120 however it’s totally worth the money, I promise you. The creator of La Mer suffered a serious burn accident in a laboratory and to help his skin recover he developed this cream. When using this cream your skin appears firmer, the look of lines, wrinkles and pores appear less visible. Even the driest complexions appear renewed and rejuvenated. It makes my skin look so fresh and dewy but I can really feel it sinking deep into my skin’s layers knowing that it is working whilst I sleep.

To intensify my skin rejuvenation throughout the night I actually mix the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping face oil into my La Mer cream (this combo is AMAZING!) the sleeping oil by Sunday Riley is a retinol-rich night-time treatment which works to reduce signs of ageing. With an advanced retinol complex, Luna Sleeping Night Oil helps to lessen visibility of lines and wrinkles, while correcting signs of damage caused by sun, time and everyday exposure to pollutants. This oil is so luxurious and thick and I always find my skin is so much more hydrated the next day when I use an oil at night-time so the mixture of both these products transforms my skin overnight.

Jill after her night-time cleansing routine.

When I use the both products together my skin instantly feels intensively hydrated and doesn’t look as sluggish as it normally looks after a full day or week of work. Both products really promote the repair and renewal of skin cells as they include hero ingredients such as avocado, chia and concord grape seed  to promote my skin’s strength, resilience and radiance. It definitely works a treat on my skin! I had used this combination for two days and three of the girls who I work with complimented my skin – that was proof enough for me and now I’m hooked.

Jill McFaul

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