What Not To Get Your Guy For Christmas

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You can’t open a magazine, email or newspaper, without reading advice on what gifts to buy your guy. So, let’s turn that advice on its head and talk about what NOT to buy the man in your life for Christmas. Getting inside the mind of your man is key to Christmas success on the gift-giving (I simply refuse to use “gifting” as a verb).
He Does Care
The apparently laid-back demeanour on the gift front is a swizz. Us guys do care what we get on Christmas day. We just don’t feel that comfortable about giving you a list or dropping heavy hints. We think that such helpful direction comes across as needy, juvenile and materialistic. We also know that women are better at this kind of stuff (i.e. emotional consideration and planning). Ergo, we insist we don’t want anything for Christmas or are simply “not bothered.” So, taking us at our word here is the wrong thing to do. As if you wouldn’t get him anything anyway!
Don’t Force The Issue
You may feel the need to mould your man through the gift process. Avoid this urge as best you can. Examples of this would be: A DIY book for somebody who doesn’t know a screwdriver from a hammer. A cook book for somebody who has issues competently boiling an egg or an ‘Eat Clean’ book for your man if he is partial to burger ‘n’ chips several times a week. These are remedial issues that are best addressed without such obvious prodding.
All Men Do Not Dig Power Tools
The ultimate in modern day rugged man is the ability to wield a power drill in a productive, non life-threatening manner. There are myriad workbenches (grrr, feel those guns), sanders, nail guns or jigsaws (confusing name for a Christmas gift) that are pushed upon unsuspecting men each year. Hint hint… As if by magic a replica of a Scandi design classic will be rustled up with some grunt and the new power tool – never going to happen. You will know by now if he likes power tools. The chances are he doesn’t. Anyway, the recession is over, so we can all start using tradesmen again!
Anything Packaged In Threes
Nothing says I am crazy about you quite like a multi-pack of socks or underwear. They will undoubtedly contain one or possibly even two pairs of garish socks or boxers that nobody in their right mind would ever buy singly. The manufacturer has to move them on somehow. They don’t exactly suggest romantic nights, more like dull practicality and we have enough of that in our lives already thanks.
Novelty Gifts
Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Although you did have your doubts as the cashier was putting into a bag for you, but it was too late at that stage. Included in this list is anything that sings, novelty mugs, humorous boxer shorts/ties and man-child gifts. When he unwraps it on Christmas Day, the uproarious laughter you might be expecting will probably be replaced by a passing tumbleweed. Novelty gifts are best reserved for relationships of 6 months and under. It wouldn’t have lasted anyway.
Shared Experiences
I actually love this idea and have used it. It just depends on what you choose to experience together. There is the “it’s all about you” gift which may be two tickets to the Bear Grylls live show (the mind boggles as to what happens at these shows) or the “it’s all about me and you can come too” gift such as a spa day at the local 5 star hotel.  Both these scenarios can be hellish for the other party when the day comes. Men don’t like having their feet touched and women don’t like live shows that involve offal, so instead get a pair of weekend festival passes or a trip to a Michelin star restaurant. Just frame the gift in his favour on opening. Experiencing stuff over owning it is all the rage these days.

Handy Disclaimer: If you are giving any gifts that are on this list and you have kids, then credit them with the gifts. Children can give fathers anything with absolute impunity!

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