Objects of Desire: A Guide to Gifting Glorious Homeware

I cannot buy another bag. I just can’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I like bags as much as the next person. And as a gift, we all know a bag makes for a fairly innocuous choice, with many admirable attributes such as it’s ability to zhuzh up a tired outfit and without the ‘which size should I go for so that I’m least likely to offend’ issues. 

But how many bags do you own already? If, like me, you’re riding dangerously close to the three digit mark (even post most recent clear-out) then you know you don’t need anyone adding to that problem – nor should you be the one adding to someone else’s excess baggage bother.  

So, determined to help you find a sassy alternative to the boring bag and armed with a knowledge of home goodies that borders on obsessive, I hereby propose a selection of pad pamperers; pretty, little interior items to suit a range of budgets. And I feel that by taking this alternate offering path myself, I too am investing in a gift that’s destined to be much more present (pardon the pun) in the home of the recipient, rather than pushing a prezzie whose first and final destination is likely to be the drawer where gifts go to die. So please read on, but do note that I’m in no way advocating that anyone attempts to bestow a new kettle for Christmas – there is simply no way to put a sexy spin on a kettle. This list is different entirely. Lads can safely buy their ladies any of the following items without fear of ending up in the dog house come Christmas Day.

The Soft Furnishing 

Whether it’s an indulgent accent cushion you think they’d fancy, or a slogan bathmat for morning motivation, you won’t go wrong with soft furnishings. Think colour, texture and personality and you’ve got a gift that truly keeps on giving.

We love American brand Verloop’s wonderful selection of cushion covers available at Liberty, London – from Shaggy Fringe to All-over Pom Pom, they’re a definite delight for the senses.

Photo Credit: rockettstgeorge.com

The Stationery

In recent times the ante has undoubtedly been upped in the high street stationery stakes. No more should we be content with a murky, mid-green jotter for noting our hopes and aspirations when the plethora of nifty notepads on the market means a much more inspiring option awaits. 2019 will be so much more productive with somewhere snazzy to begin putting pen to paper. Oh, and they look great resting on a side table when we’re having a moment of writer’s block.

We love Utterly unique gift and stationery brand ARK Cambridge for their riotous range of glorious goodies.

Photo Credit: arkcambridge.co.uk

The Scent

Candles are attaining a truly ornamental status right now thanks to the design-led aesthetic of top brands like Cire Trudon and Maison Louis Marie. And it’s not only the odours which emanate from these joyful jars that are completely captivating; the jars themselves make a style statement in their own right, so once the contents are spent, the surviving vessel makes for the perfect little tea light holder – bonus. 

We love The range of Malin + Goetz candles currently available at Please Don’t Tell, Belfast, as well as Space NK’s regular offering of all the Diptyque favourites. 

Photo Credit: trudon.com

The Perfect Pot

Pots have also had a recent status upgrade. Capable of housing anything from a hardy cheese plant to a clutch of makeup brushes, these are extremely useful, decorative objects that pack a punch displayed in almost any room in the house (and it’s often the pot rather than its contents that steals the show.)

We love Handmade pots from Helen B; her first, original products from a now extensive range. So much personality in one collection that you’ll find it hard just to stick with pots though.

Photo Credit: helenb.be

The Tech

We all know someone who’s phone rarely leaves their hand and yet those offensive, white, plastic chargers are just not a look at all. In fact, with the volume of stylish home tech currently available, banal cables and chargers will soon be banished forever, replaced by their many eye-catching counterparts. 

We love Native Unions sleek and sophisticated gamut of marble products available from luxury  home goods destination Amara.

Photo Credit: Native Unions at Amara.com
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