Off-Duty Looks For When You Really Just Want To Be Comfortable

Do you envy those who look and feel confident whether dolled to the nines or chilling with no makeup on in old clothes?

If you fall mainly into the latter category and spend the majority of your time safe in the knowledge that the only person judging you is the dog and your postie but  your confidence falls short then you need a wardrobe shake up and now is the time to do it.

Over Christmas, there’s a lot of socialising and events that require careful outfit planning. While slightly more stressful in the short term, the ability to plan these kind of looks in advance calms further sartorial stress. On the flip side, there’s also a lot of chilling at home, watching Christmas movies combined with spontaneous visits from family and friends. These kind of outfits require careful planning so you’ll want to have a few looks on hand for the days when you just want to be comfortable but also need to look at least a little bit put-together. 

The best place to look for inspiration of the off-duty kind, after the top models whose off-duty styling is an entire skill set in itself, are the pages of our favourite Instagram influencers. While models have mastered comfortable cool in between shows, shoots and fittings, influencers have the added pressure of constantly being ‘on’. Their social media career means that they may need to check in on InstaStories at any second which in turn requires them to be always look a certain level of presentable – a pressure they tend to put on themselves, we certainly won’t judge if they’re still in pjs with bed hair. It’s the moments when they do appear in cosy pyjamas or matching gym gear and comfortable sweats that confirms their status as well rounded style icons for girls everywhere. Their ability to make a jumper and jeans look like the next biggest street style trend makes us appreciate them even more.

To solve all of your Christmas dressing woes and serve up the ultimate off-duty style, we’ve rounded up some of the most comfortably chic looks dominating the Instagram sphere right now.

For when your mum announces a last minute family trip to the neighbours for mince pies and mulled wine

What’s better than a cosy hoodie and good pair of jeans? Absolutely nothing. Particularly when your goal is to keep things chic with an emphasis on comfort. In this case, the on-trend leopard print coat does all of the fashion forward talking for you.

Instagram / @hattiebourn

For the last minute drinks party

An all black ensemble will never let you down in the chic department. Pick one statement accessory, throw on your over the knee boots and you’re good to go.

Instagram / @melanycecilia

For when you’ve half-committed to plans but can’t make up your mind

A knitwear co-ord will be your best friend for this one. The knitwear will keep you cosy while the fact you’ve donned a skirt for the day makes everyone think you’ve really made an effort.

Instagram / @lissyroddy

For spending time at home with your in-laws

Match your lipstick to you knitwear for the ultimate casual chic. Save this one for days when you really need your jeans and jumper to see you through the socialising.

Instagram / @alexsteinherr

For when you need to remind people that you’re always on trend

The patterned trouser look deflects from the fact that you’re actually wearing leggings. That plus the upmarket knit keeps your loungwear acceptable to be worn in public.

Instagram / @lornaluxe
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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