Polish Up Your Pearly Whites

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As we age, our teeth naturally lose their pearly whiteness due to the likes of coffee, tea and red wine which all leave stains on our teeth. Thankfully there is a solution that doesn’t involve abstaining from all life’s pleasures (phew).

Polished London – dubbed the celebrity go-to brand for all thing’s teeth whitening – is a range of everything you need to keep your teeth looking their best. The collection uses the superior whitening benefits of activated charcoal and Aloe Vera and consists of its Teeth Whitening Powder, Whitening Strips and Whitening Kit and now it has launched two new mouthwashes to keep your teeth looking their best in between treatments.


The Aloe White mouthwash contains all-natural ingredients, with the main one being the finest Aloe Vera which helps maintain gum health. It’s vegan friendly and perfect for anyone who has sensitive teeth. The Aloe White mouthwash removes bacteria, whilst also gradually removing stains the more you use it and removes toxins within your mouth. The best thing about this mouthwash, is that it doesn’t contain alcohol, meaning it still leaves your breath feeling minty fresh without the horrid aftertaste and burning sensation. £11.99


This charcoal mouthwash is the perfect non-messy bottle to use daily as part of your regime, working best when used as a finishing product combined with all other Polished London products. Containing the finest and purest charcoal as its main ingredient, the powerful detoxing Charcoal Whitening Mouthwash is brilliant for obtaining that A-List smile. All polished products are animal cruelty free, and vegan friendly. Once again, this mouthwash gives you the perfect minty breath, whilst gradually removing stains and toxins from within your mouth. £12.99

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