Amp Up Your Winter Wardrobe With These 3 Fresh Colour Combinations

January feels never-ending at this point but we’re determined not to let the blues bring us down. The best way to do so? Fill every corner of your life with as much colour as possible. For now, let’s focus on bringing a little colour to our wardrobes.

It’s tempting to ditch colour completely in January and instead stick with the comfort of all black. Maybe you’re hoping to hide a multitude of sins. Maybe its darkness feels like a safe space when all you want to do is hide. Maybe you’ve honestly just never considered the options beyond black at this time of year.

With each passing sartorial season, more and more fashion rules are broken. Remember the days of disgust at just the suggestion of clashing colours? They’re long behind us, especially after last season took things one step further with intense clashing prints. It’s time to be more free with our fashion choices, treat fashion as the exhibitionist vice it’s intended to be. Start experimenting because this season, the higher powers of the fashion industry have given permission to do just that.

These are the fresh colour combinations to try for 2019.

Red and Lilac

When Meghan Markle stepped out in Birkenhead wearing a purple dress with a bright red coat, the 2019 approach to colour trends changed completely. It seems so wrong but there’s something about the combination of these colours that just, well, works. It’s a bold look, no question about it. Red evokes feelings of power while purple, perhaps seen as red’s more serene sister in it’s softer lilac tones, keeps an air of calm about the ensemble.

Instagram / @susiebubble

Orange and Emerald

This colour combination evokes all of the regal vibes for those not quite ready to go heavy handed on the colour-blocking front. Go hard or go home is one thing you’ll learn very quickly about the kind of colour clashing 2019 has challenged us to. Take it up a notch with your accessories. There’s no point playing coy at this point.

Instagram / @emilisindlev

Blue and Brown

Despite the courage, it may take to don previously mentioned colour combinations, this feels like the most bitter pill to swallow. It conjures up images of outdated 70s styles far from the retrospective 70s fashion trends we’re used to seeing in recent collections. Turns out, if you open your mind a little, it really isn’t all that bad. Softer, icy blues save the day on this front. As for the browns, think those shades similar to the conkers you used to collect as a child. Individually, both of these shades are topping the fashion colour charts so brought together, they’re a (surprising) match made in heaven.

Instagram / @thora_valdimars
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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