Review: Smak Brushes Rose Imperial Make-Up Brush Collection

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This week I was lucky enough to have the chance to review the entire Rose Imperial Make-Up Brush Collection from Ireland’s newest luxury make-up brush brand – and what better time than at the beginning of a new year. Read on to find out how I got on…

As I opened this exciting delivery, my first thought was “rose gold!!!”. Yes, naturally, I was delighted to receive my new brushes in the colour ‘Rose Noir’, and even more delighted that the classic and classy combination of black and rose gold matches pretty much everything else in my bedroom! Much like they look, the feel of these brushes screams luxury. They are quite literally the softest make up brushes I’ve ever had the pleasure of brushing against my face. Clearly the premium synthetic hair used in all Smak brushes is working its magic. The beautifully crafted wooden handle added even more of a luxurious element to the collection and immediately put my old plastic handle brushes to shame (which, can I point out, have now been re-homed – to the bin).

Here’s why…

The very first thing I noticed when I began to apply my eye shadow was how well the brushes actually hold the product. I recently bought a glitter eye shadow which, on my hand in the shop, glistened beautifully. But when I got it home and applied it, nothing more than a vague shimmer sat on my eyelid so I assumed this was how the product was supposed to look. This time however, after just two dustings of the shadow with my new brushes, my eyes were completely glowing with golden glitter. I didn’t even realise, until now obviously, that my old make up brushes had barely been picking up the product from the palette. I was so shocked, ney delighted, at the vast difference a make up brush could make!

This immediately made me think: ‘Is my eyeshadow the only product my brushes haven’t been holding properly?’ Sure enough, the same was true with my blusher. Normally 3 or 4 firm strokes of the brush on my blusher gives a very light peachy tinge to my face, but the same technique with my new blusher brush left me with a vibrant rosy tone on the apples of my cheeks. Although delighted at the difference my new brushes were making to my make up application, I was pretty annoyed to realise how long I’ve been missing out on getting the most out of the hundreds of products I spend my hard-earned money on every month!

Not only do the soft bristles of the foundation and concealer brushes feel amazing on your face, but they actually serve a vital purpose. They allow the foundation to spread evenly across my face with a light touch that avoids streaky firm bristle marks, but also means I can apply slightly more pressure, without discomfort, to properly blend the product into my face. This is certainly something I haven’t yet been able to do with previous make up brushes. I don’t know about you but I usually end up going over my face again with a sponge because the brush has failed to blend the product properly and has left obvious bristle marks. Well, not any more (cue ‘hallelujah’ chorus). Out of all of these revolutionary make up tools, the contour brush is my absolute favourite. The angle of the brush perfectly mimics the natural indent below the cheekbone making it so easy to achieve the perfect contour with a few strokes. To be honest, you don’t even need to blend it like you would with a straight brush because the brush places the product in a perfectly natural contour line due to its carefully crafted shape. Contour goals achieved. Enough said!

Another aspect that I love about these products is not only the vast range of alternative brushes for your exact needs and preference, but also the versatility of each brush. If you’re thinking “What on earth is she on about?”, allow me to explain. The straight liner brush made it incredibly easy to apply my liner to both my bottom and top lash lines – something which normally involves a lot of wobbling and dipping back into the liner pot because, as I’ve already mentioned, my old brushes weren’t even holding the product on them. So, after a quick wipe on a tissue, I decided to try out my new bestie on my brows – and it worked like a dream. It was quick to fill out my brows with a smooth line and so easy to create to fill in the natural pattern of my brows.

In the past, I have always been particularly savvy when it comes to sussing out the products that are worth their price tag, and those that aren’t (if you don’t believe me then check out my most recent blog, You Get What You Pay For – Or Do You?) But, alas, I guess I had made an error by marking make up brushes as much of a much-ness – the truth is they’re certainly not! Whilst I would stand by the opinion that price tag of certain brands is extortionate, my new Smak Brushes have proven to me that true quality doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there’s a fractional price different between Smak Brushes and my previous brushes, you know, those ones I thought were good quality.

The versatility, quality, variety, and price-point of the Smak Brushes collections are, in my opinion, unrivalled in the market at the moment. In all honesty, I feel like I would be doing the beauty world a grave injustice if I kept these little beauties to myself so, in the spirit of sharing; go and get yours now! And while you’re there, enjoy 10% off your purchase with code: STYLEEDIT10 at

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