Review: SMASH Nails PRO LED Kit

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Gel Nails has undoubtedly been one of the biggest beauty breakthroughs of recent years and, as dramatic as this sounds, it has probably been the most monumental beauty discovery of my young life. Yes ok, you might be thinking ‘dramatic much?”, but be fair, if you too are a gel nails convert then you will remember the stress of attempting to pick up your mobile with the palms of your hand, having to get your nail technician to zip up your coat for you as you left the salon, smudging a nail on the gear stick during the drive home and then being unable to do anything for the next two or three hours (despite the fact that the polish CLAIMED to dry in 60 seconds). If you are yet to convert to gel nails then I’m about to change your life (yes, really!).

As much as we all LOVE to have immediately pretty pristine gel nails, it still means a trip to the salon which, when you’re a busy bee like me, can be a challenge to fit in. But fear not, Smash Nails have the answer – your very own DIY LED Gel nail kit. Now there’s no need to desperately try and squeeze a nail appointment into your diary, you can do it at home with a glass of wine in front of the TV, or even whilst taking a business call. ‘Ideal’ is an understatement, and this week I was lucky enough to try it out.

The Smash PRO kit includes the 24W LED lamp, a top coat, a base coat and a box of 50 remover foils. I found every aspect of the kit super easy to use – particularly the pre-made foils which eliminated endless fiddling, especially when you’re trying to do your own nails. The polish cured so quickly, the shine on the top coat was without a doubt, salon standard and there’s 40 stunning colours to choose from! I chose to try out Boss Girl (shade 218) and Bombshell (shade 259), both of which were gorgeous. I also found that the colour intensity lasted extremely well, even after a week of having it on my nails. In the past I have found that the colour can change slightly, particularly on holiday in lots of sunlight, but these didn’t! Of course, I’m not denying there are similar kits on the market but let’s be honest, none of them look quite as sleek as this one and I really can’t tell any difference between this one and the one I regularly visit at my nail salon. Naturally, my bestie had to get involved after seeing my nails, so she selflessly tried out the other colour for me and was thrilled when I finished her nails in 20 minutes, before she had even got through half an episode of GoT.

The SMASH PRO kit is well worth the investment, particularly as summer approaches and regular trips to the salon for polished fingers and sandal-worthy toes can get pretty pricey! It’s a no-brainer, especially when you can also benefit from free next day delivery across Ireland AND an additional 10% off your purchase with our exclusive code: smashTSE on

As ever, you’re welcome beauty babes!

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