The Revival Of The Rose Gold Revolution

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The concept of ‘Rose Gold’ is believed to have been masterminded by the Columbian Nahuange people in the first millennium AD. Recovered artefacts have revealed that the Nahuange Tribe mixed gold with copper, then over-polished the impure gold to reveal a rosy tint in a bid to make it appear more valuable. Well, they were certainly on to a winner as today we are consistently drawn to the luxury look of Rose Gold. The true revolutionaries of the Rose Gold Revival were undoubtedly the Russian elites. During the 19th century Rose Gold became a staple with the Russian Tsars and decorated many palace walls, ornaments and, of course, Faberge eggs – earning the moniker ‘Russian Gold’. I have no doubt that this explains why we, consciously or subconsciously, attribute Rose Gold with such a luxury aura. Needless to say, if it’s good enough for the Tsars of Russia, it’s good enough for us fashion-conscious females.

Despite a period of retreat during the 20th century, when platinum reigned as the material of choice, Rose Gold has made a dramatic comeback in recent years – particularly the last two. Let’s be honest for a moment, whether its jewellery, shoes, bags or even tweezer sets, straighteners and tangle teezers; if it’s rose gold, we’ll buy it! Bringing a luxurious warm glow to any face, accessory or outfit, and an incontrovertible element of opulence (and style), this trend has undoubtedly proven its validity within the fashion scene and, according to my reliable style sources, the trend is set to dominate once again within the coming year. So, whether it’s a Christmas gift, a treat for yourself or an investment piece for the years ahead, I’m here to share with you my top Rose Gold picks across the board to ensure that you, and your home, look and feel as rosy as you do golden this season and next!

For me, the brand that has truly made headway in Jewellery by injecting the glamour, and femininity, of Rose Gold into wrist wear is none other than Larsson & Jennings. Expanding the trend from my classic faced Rose Gold Lugano Watch (which graces my wrist daily), the new Norse and Saxon pieces tap into a more antique interpretation of the Rose Gold trend. With accompanying black faces and richly linked bracelets, Larsson & Jenning’s new pieces mimic the opulence of items adorned by the Russian elites at the beginning of the 19th century. The likes of Vivienne Westwood, Buckley London and Olivia Burton have followed suit expanding their Rose Gold ranges this season. Undoubtedly my favourite of these is the Olivia Burton Floral Rose Gold Mesh Watch, which epitomises both femininity and luxury into a practical and ‘oh so wearable’ piece. And if, like me, you are truly invested in this trend then dare to up your dedication (and your style cred), this season by investing in one of the beautiful Rose Gold headpieces that have been emerging in recent weeks from the likes of Emily-London and NI’s very own, and very talented, Grainne Maher. These beautiful handcrafted pieces are guaranteed to add a regal rosiness to any outfit this season. FACT.

When it comes to my ‘Must Have Make-Up’ list for this trend, I can’t help but turn to Rose Gold royalty, Charlotte Tilbury. Right on the money with her choice of Rose Gold packaging to reflect the luxury of her brand, our beloved CT is the go-to for the perfect R-G glow. The holy grail for achieving a rosy radiance is none other than the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand Highlighter. It’s Rose Gold pigments mimic the warm hue of the beauty light adding a gorgeously golden glint to your face that lasts far longer than any other product I’ve tried on the market. I apply it to the top of my cheekbones, forehead, tip of my nose and lip bow for a youthful party glow that, quite honestly, makes me feel like some sort of Greek goddess (despite the fact that I’ve aimlessly thrown make up at my face in a bid to get ready in time).

Another of Charlotte’s products that I NEVER leave home without is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in shade, Valentine. Not only is it super hydrating and withstands my many sips of coffee throughout the day, but it is the ultimate colour for all Rose-Gold girls, AND I’ve found that it works beautifully for both Summer and Winter. Believe or not, the perfect Rose Gold shade is difficult to find in a lipstick without bordering on 80s disco shimmer but, naturally, CT nails it with Valentine which works beautifully with all colour palettes. The petal-rose pink pigment enhances the natural rosiness and shape of the lips whilst its patented 3D glowing pigments add a subtle, but glam, glimmer to your pink pout – so sophisticated for both day and night! Be sure to get it quick – it’s an online exclusive! Another paramount purchase for me this season is the new Iconic London Complete Brush Set in, of course, Rose Gold and black. Any girl worth her weight in make up knows that the secret to flawless make up lies with the right brushes – and we are ALL guilty of not replacing these enough! So now is your chance. This 9-piece set is carefully crafted by the best in the business to ensure optimum application and is 100% guaranteed to makeover any make up bag with an extra hint of glamour that will grace your make up routine daily. I must add, all of these specifically designed brushes are cruelty free and 100% vegan. You go, Iconic!

Following the SS18 preview shows, there is no doubt that my, and now OUR, beloved trend is set to make its biggest boom yet in clothing. Whilst Rose Gold palettes were extremely popular make up choices for the likes of Alberto Zambelli and Versace, it is no surprise to me that my all-time favourite designer, Ralph & Russo, dominated the trend for SS18. Its Ready to Wear Collection is truly the product of dreams, carried by the most beautifully cut metallic Rose Gold trench coat in history, with matching silk crepe pencil skirt for daytime and cocktail dress for night. Ralph & Russo truly pay homage to the Rose Gold Revival and its Russian origins with the addition of a metallic rose gold floral parker coat – faultlessly reminiscent of Fabrege eggs and the opulent robes of the Russian Tsars. This collection is already turning heads of luxury-lovers worldwide, instantly featuring in the likes of Vogue and Marie Claire – just when I thought I couldn’t adore Ralph & Russo any more! Even at work, in my new role at House of CB, I cannot escape the Rose Gold trend which remains a firm favourite with fashionistas and celebrities alike. In fact, Khloe K was recently spotted sporting the trend wearing House of CB’s Coryn Duster Coat – #ultimaterosegoldgoals that sent House of CB fans into a frenzy for the Coryn coat. If this isn’t enough to convince you that Rose Gold is back with a vengeance and is this season’s must-have for any luxury look, then take note because two insanely iconic brands are vastly invested in the trend this season – and they are none other than Mulberry and Sophia Webster (cue the ‘Hallelujahs’)! Whilst Mulberry’s latest collection centres around the combination of Dark Blush leather and Rose Gold detailing on the Bayswater, Lily and Darley bags, Sophia Webster’s iconic Chiara sandal is one of the latest, and most popular, instalments of its Rose Gold collection. These beauties are quite literally flying themselves off the shelves worldwide.

Perhaps my most favourite thing about the, appropriately deemed, Rose Gold Revolution is that it can be utilised just as effectively in your home as it can in your wardrobe and make up bag to achieve a timeless, luxury look. With all the top designers and retailers showering us in Rose-Gold marbled wallpaper, statement lighting and gorgeous knick-knacks with that perfect pinky-gold hue, your home is sure to look as on-trend this season as you. And the best part is, there are copious options so that you can add as much, or as little, Rose Gold goodness to your home as you wish. So, here are my top #rosegoldgoals homeware picks for this season.

Wallpaper with tiny hints of rose gold emerged last season but, this season, designers are daring to up the ante. With the likes of Amara and Wonderful Wall Fashions stocking both intricate and geometric Rose Gold designs, now is the time to grab the perfect statement wallpaper. My top pick for a super stylish and sheek look is Graham & Brown’s Rose Gold Reflections wallpaper. This would be ideal for an accent wall in an office or gorgeously girly bedroom to bring warmth and a luxury vibe to the space. Dare to bare a little more luxury? Consider highlighting the Rose Gold within the wallpaper with additional small accents of the trend throughout the rest of the space (but be sure to keep the majority of your room neutral to avoid your glow becoming garish). My ‘cannot resist’ list for adding that little extra luxury are these adorable Rose Gold Tin Soy Wax candles, available from Etsy, and these pretty and personalised, Rose Gold Foil Prints from Not On The High Street. Bringing a subtle hint of rosy glamour to any room in the house, these prints will be sure to bring a smile to your face every day thanks to that added personal touch. I know I’ll be placing an order – or two!

Before I go, and in the spirit of the season to be jolly, I couldn’t resist adding a little extra sparkle to your day with my favourite Rose-Gold stocking fillers – most of which I’ll probably end up treating myself to…

Babyliss Rose Gold Straightener Elegance, £40.00, Boots.

Ted Baker SPARKLS Rose Gold Phone Case, £30.00, Ted Baker.

Frends Taylor Rose Gold Headphones, £179.99, Harvey Nichols.

Kate Spade New York Rose Gold Notebook, £22.95, Liberty London.

Exclusive Fizz Rose Gold Cocktail Set, £34.99, ASOS.

Once thing is for sure… the Rose Gold trend is here to stay and, I for one, could not be more delighted. With the assurance that my favourite trend is set to stay, and that my investment in copious picture frames, shoes, jewellery, phone covers and even tweezers hasn’t been a waste of funds, I’m off to enjoy a well-deserved cup of tea from my (yes, you guessed it) Rose Gold mug.



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