Rochelle Humes’ Coachella Style

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Having performed at numerous festivals during her time in The Saturdays, the gorgeous Rochelle Humes knows how to embrace festival beauty.

Rochelle nailed festival finesse at this year’s Coachella and took to Instagram to share her hair and beauty must-haves from the Californian desert.

“Coachella has always been on my bucket list and when I saw that Beyoncé was playing I had to go!” exclaimed the presenter. “I am more experimental with fashion and beauty at festivals and I enjoy planning my different outfits and beauty looks beforehand. I‘m not a glitter person so just normal makeup for me, but always with amazing sunglasses. I also like white nails for festivals and I try to experiment with my hair, by trying our different styles and using accessories. Patrick Wilson for ghd styled my hair for Coachella and used different accessories which I loved, including Kela Charms.”

Rochelle’s festival must-haves include:
*ghd heat protect spray with UV protection (£12.95): “I use this spray to protect my hair from UV sun damage as it gets so hot being out in the sun all day.”

*Fenty Beauty gloss bomb lip gloss: “This is the most perfect nude lip gloss ever, and it looks good on all skin tones.”

*High Glow Radiance & Glow Body Cream: “If I have my legs out I like to make sure they look smooth and glossy so I always apply this before going out.”

*ghd curl hold spray (£12.95): “I want my curls to hold and last all day and night so I use this ghd curl hold spray.”

*Chloe sunglasses: “Sunglasses are a festival essential. I bought these Chloe sunglasses at the airport on the way to Coachella – they’ve very Coachella.”

*ghd saharan gold flight travel hairdryer (£59): “I use this travel hairdryer to scrunch dry my hair when travelling. It is light and doesn’t take up space in my suitcase, and means I don’t have to use any dodgy hotel hairdryers.”

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