Round Up: 10 of the Best Self-Care Articles This Week

Between Instagram, Twitter and online content, there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there. Sometimes all we want to know about are the specific top stories in a certain sector for that day or week. For that purpose, we’re looking at the best of self-care content, collating this week’s top stories from the industry with a few recommendations for new publications thrown in for good measure.

Pick and choose articles to read as you please but at least this way, we all have a little more hope of staying in the loop with the content we love, not to mention saving ourselves more time to dedicate to self-care routines.

Here’s to being our best selves at every opportunity.

Shout out to The Chill Times

The Chill Times is founded by influencer and Chillhouse owner, Cyndi Ramirez. Chillhouse brands itself as a destination for modern self-care that combines beauty services like getting your nails done or having a massage with an overall self-care experience through their space and cafe. The Chill Times is the media arm of Chill House.

In describing their work, The Chill House team said, “We’re realistic about self-care and don’t expect our readers to have it all down — heck, we don’t have it all figured out. That’s why you’ll see us connecting with the best of the best to give our readers the low down of each and every topic.”

Check out these articles from The Chill Times:

Click on each link to read the full story. 

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What a Selfie Meant to You Pt. 1


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