Round Up: The Best In Flight Beauty Products

Between Instagram, Twitter and online content, there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there, particularly within the beauty sphere. Sometimes all we want to know about are the specific stories on a certain topic for that day or week. For that purpose, we’re looking at the best of in-flight beauty products, collating the top stories from industry insiders. 

Nailing an in-flight beauty routine is a tricky one. All we really want to do is keep our skin as hydrated as possible without looking too bizarre in the process. In a search for answers ahead of a summer of travel, we turned to the expert beauty editors to get their take on the best of in-flight beauty products. 

Pick and choose articles to read as you please but at least this way, we all have a little more hope of staying in the loop with the content we love, not to mention saving ourselves more time to obsess over skincare routines.

So long in-flight beauty woes…

The 10 Products You Need to Create the Perfect In-Flight Beauty Routine by Byrdie 

“Creating the perfect in-flight beauty routine is an art—one that’s incredibly hard to master. That is unless you’re a seasoned traveller with thousands of airline points to your name (respect). Most of us, however, are not, which is why it helps to have a set of product recommendations; in-flight beauty guidelines if you will. From a glow-boosting jelly mask to a brightening concealer-and-foundation duo, these are the 10 products we use to look refreshed and alive after even the longest of transatlantic flights.”

Read the full article here.

10 Flight Attendants on the Moisturizers They Can’t Live Without by Glamour 

“The air inside of an aeroplane is circulated and very dry, so constantly flying can be really tough on your skin,” says Lindsey O’Brien, a Philadelphia-based flight attendant who’s been in the air for five years. If you think you need a special in-flight hydration routine for your one-way ride from STL to NYC, consider your flight attendant who has to fly there and back within a few hours.

With both colder weather and peak travel season approaching, we spoke to 10 flight attendants from all over the world about their go-to moisturizers and hydrating products to beat the high-altitude dryness. Check out their recommendations—from drugstore favourites to luxe splurges.

Read the full article here.

Travel Beauty: Trying The Best Skincare Products For Long Haul Flights by Evening Standard

“If you’re planning on applying product, clean skin’s going to be the best,” Lamb advised.

She also recommended DMK Herb & Mineral Mist, which mimics sweat, providing the perfect amount of moisture during a dehydrating long haul flight. “It has a very similar molecular structure to our sweat, so it really sticks to skin and adheres to it, unlike an Evian mist or rosewater that will hydrate temporarily but ultimately dehydrate the skin because it’s going to pull moisture out,” Lamb explained.”

Read the full article here.

14 Skin-Care Products Flight Attendants By For Travel Induced Dryness by Allure

“In case you’re wondering just how drying aeroplane air is: “As an experiment, I sliced up an apple and put it in the galley kitchen for an entire flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles — after 10 hours it was completely shriveled up, like dried fruit,” says Susanne D’Aloia, a flight attendant at Lufthansa. “And that’s just an apple. I don’t want to think about what long flights do to skin.”

So when your job requires weekly red eyes, you learn a thing or two about dealing with aeroplane air — and you buy enough cream to open your own Duty Free. Without further ado, these are the beauty products that long-haul flight attendants rely on.”

Read the full article here. 

Sarah Chapman: How To Protect Your Skin While Flying – Harper’s Bazaar 

We all know that travelling can wreak havoc with the skin, but help is at hand: the facialist Sarah Chapman, whose clientele includes the Duchess of Sussex, offers her ultimate in-flight tips to save face this summer.

Read the full article here.

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