Round Up: The Best Of Body Positivity Content Because We’re So Over The Beach Body Pressure

As the clock strikes midnight to welcome in a new year, chat soon turns to the new year, new me approach, closely connected to diet talk. At this time of the year, our mindset isn’t far off that same place as a lot of chat about summer bodies rises to the surface. We’re met with content telling us how best to prepare and the things we should be doing to ready our bodies for summer – not in the sense of endurance and protection from sunburn. It’s all diet plans, double cardio sessions, replacement shakes and detox teas instead of messages of encouragement reminding us that we shouldn’t feel ashamed of our body. We live in a world that expects us to suddenly change our appearance for the sake of two weeks on the beach. Doesn’t that seem unrealistic? Today, society is becoming more educated about the importance of body positivity and focusing on our health as opposed to solely aesthetics but still, this message of being beach body ready is rarely questioned.

In order to counteract that, we’re bringing you the best of body positive messages from across the media.

8 Body Positive Heroes You Need To Follow On Instagram

“Whilst Instagram can be a bed of self-doubt for the way we think and feel about ourselves, there’s a group of women out there who are trying to put a stop to it (and they’re doing a really great job).

These are the new body positivity heroes who are shining a light on the other smaller, quieter body positive movements which encompass the whole spectrum of society. From accounts that celebrate ‘mid-size’ bodies to influencers appreciating the physical achievements, their bodies can take on and achieve, from mothers to women with disabilities.

These accounts will make sure your morning scroll leaves you motivated and ready to take on the day. What are you waiting for? Hit follow now.”

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11 Body Positive Women On How They Learnt To Love Their Bodies Just The Way They Are

“My turning point was in a bathroom in Barcelona after losing 4 stone for a ‘bikini holiday’. I was at my lowest point mental health wise, and while I had the ‘bikini body’, I realised that I had severely damaged it. I realised that instead of apologising for my body, I should be apologising to it. It was then that I decided to embark on my self-love journey.”

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How Body Neutrality Can Help If You’re Not Feeling Great About Your Body

“There’s finally a sea change happening on social media – slow as the tide may be, we’re seeing jubilant celebration of bodies of all sizes, colours and abilities, but how do you navigate the choppy waters of body image, when, try as you might, you can’t muster elation when assessing yourself in the mirror? There’s a different way to frame how we consider our figures, and the bottom line is acceptance. If that sounds a bit wishy-washy, here’s how to get there and why you don’t need to throw a body positivity party to feel good about yourself (although by all means DO if you’re feeling it).”

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*ED trigger warning* 6 years ago I met this unbelievable woman and we became best friends ☺️💫❤️ @taylahroberts1 I’d moved to Australia and after months of starving myself so I could ‘earn the right’ to wear a bikini on Bondi beach, I would spend hours every day bingeing + throwing up, living in total fear of gaining weight. When I met Taylah she had just left Australia’s next top model. I remember her coming home from her agency and sobbing because they told her she needed to lose yet another inch from her tiny thigh, and she genuinely didn’t know how it was possible to starve herself any more. Neither of us ever spoke about our eating disorders. We carried on like it was totally normal and just accepted this miserable existence whilst both secretly dying inside. I can’t remember seeing one person who spoke about body confidence back then. I genuinely can’t remember seeing one ‘influencer’ post about toxic diet culture or blast people for promoting skinny coffee. Fad diets and dangerous weight loss pills were all so normal back then. Thank God this shit is changing. Thank God we are waking up and realising that there is another way to live that doesn’t involve being at war with our own bodies. We sat today and talked about how we felt so beautiful and healthy. How our best memories, most delicious meals + happiest moments had contributed to this layer of lovely fat. We talked about how the media is changing, and the inclusivity of all body sizes makes us feel so free and liberated 🌝💭 Beautiful, healthy, happy, free and ALIVE!! Life begins when you learn to say ‘fuck you’ to diet culture. Fuck fighting to be smaller than your body ever intended you to be. Fuck comparing yourself and crying in the mirror and saying no to birthday cake. 🍰 💫❤️ #bodyconfience #positivebodyimage #dietculture #selflove #happy #free #mentalhealth #eatingdisorderrecovery

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These 16 Body-Positivity Books Will Help Transform Your Relationship With Your Body

We often turn to books to change our lives for the better, and that includes our relationship with our bodies and food. We’ve selected 16 tomes that are all about empowering us to look at our bodies in a new way and stop obsessing over everything we eat. They’re written by experts in the field, or inspiring women who’ve been on the journey themselves and want to share their experiences with the world.

Our picks cover body positivity, health at every size, intuitive eating, and how to eat the best way for you when you don’t want to follow a diet. Add your favourites from our list to your 2019 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, and keep the good vibes going by dipping into three body positive Instagram accounts that aim to encourage self-love and acceptance.”

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Isn’t It Time We Became Body Neutral? Instead of Loving Our Flaws, We Should Forget Them

“The anti-diet dietitian Laura Thomas, author of Just Eat It, told me about a new way of looking at the body that might suit me, Body Neutrality: “It’s what’s called rational self-acceptance in body image literature,” she says. “It’s knowing that, in fact, I don’t have a perfect body or it doesn’t align with societal ideals but it’s my body and it allows me to move through the world. It functions for me. It’s being accepting of the fact that this is your body, your home.”

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