Streamline Your Morning Routine With These Five Tips

I’m a sucker for a good routine so making my morning routine as efficient as possible gives me a very nerdy kind of satisfaction. Over the course of the last few years I’ve spent as much time working in an office as I have working from home in freelance or remote roles. Both lifestyles involve two very different routines and once I made the switch to remote roles, my morning routine became all the more important. No longer did I have the milestones of a commute – avoiding traffic, making the right train – to hold me accountable to starting work on time. Instead, it was down to me to hold myself accountable for my morning routine. 

We all have varying routines and everyone’s morning priorities are different but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to kick off our day in the best possible way. Whether it’s the big changes like a new job or moving house or the smaller changes, they each have the power to throw off our entire routine. Using these tips, tried and tested by yours truly, will help you not only get back on track but streamline your routine to ensure your time is spent as effectively as possible. 

Plan your outfits the night before

Seems obvious, right? And yet, so few of us actually commit to doing so. It was only recently that I started taking this often thrown around tip seriously. Not only was I excited about the extra 10 minutes it allowed me to enjoy my coffee but I woke up excited about the outfit I had planned for myself. 

Planning what you’re going to wear right down to the accessories means one less dreaded decision at sleepy hours of the morning. 

If you’re stuck for workwear outfit ideas, check out this article where we breakdown workwear approved outfits for the non-morning person.

woman holding folded up knitted jumpers

Introduce and commit to to the two bag workweek system

(Pre-planning your outfits will make this step even easier.)

I understand better than most that sometimes accessories – in this case handbags – are what make the outfit but is there anything more annoying than arriving to work only to realise you’ve left the one thing you really need back at home? Instead try using one bag as your dedicated work bag to keep all of these everyday work-life essentials and adopt mini bag to store essentials like your keys, purse and ID. That way you can swap out your mini bag with all of your essentials at the weekend without having to disrupt the contents of your work bag. 

Adapt your makeup routine

First of all, take five minutes to separate out the products you use everyday with those reserved for more heavy duty, special occasion or weekend looks. No one likes the chaos of a messy makeup bag first thing in the morning. 

Think about the kind of products you’re using. Are there any you could cut out or double up on? Cream blush products often make for the perfect lip stain. For this, try Glossier’s Cloud Paint in some of the darker shades. Bronzer also serves as an underrated multi-tasking beauty product, with one simple sweep making the ideal daytime eyeshadow. I recommend Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder but most bronzers do the trick with a little blending.

Makeup powder and makeup brushes

Avoid the snooze button

Physically removing yourself from the comfort of your bed has to be the worst part of your entire morning routine. Sadly, it also happens to be the first and very necessary step in starting your day. With that in mind, it’s best not to start your day with an attitude of procrastination. In other words, leave that snooze button alone. 

A few tried and tested tricks I’ve picked up include plugging my phone or alarm in across the room, forcing me to get out of bed to turn it off. Mel Robbins also swears by the rocket ship launch method which she explains in this Goalcast episode. The idea is that you launch yourself out of bed (or into a project, new job, life-changing decision) by counting yourself in from five, without giving yourself time to think and thus “beating your brain.”

“You have about a five second window in which you can move from idea to action before your brain kicks into full gear and sabotages any change in behaviour.”

Have your breakfast to go

Improve the efficiency of your morning routine by preparing as much of your breakfast the night before so that you can grab it and go the next morning. 

If you’re a smoothie person, prep all of your fruit and vegetables the night before, placing in a blender in the fridge overnight so that come morning, all that’s left to do is add your milk or juice and hit the button the blend the contents up. Other options include overnight oats, chia seed pudding or boiling your eggs the night before. 

All in all, the key to an efficient morning routine is preparation – most of which will cost you less than ten minutes the night before. Seems a small price to pay to improve the outcome of your entire day.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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