The Art Of The Slow Sunday. Simple Ideas To Enrich Your Weekend.

Set your intention for the day ahead. Remember, your opportunities are endless – how you choose to feel about your Sunday, whether you have a long to-do list or a zero plans day rolling in front of you – it is up to you how you approach your day and how you let your frame of mind rule this time. Choose to be kind to yourself and let that decision wash over your body with a deep exhale, releasing any tension.

Sundays are sacred. We work hard during the week and life can be full-on. At the weekends it’s important to carve out time for yourself, with your partner, or with your family to rebalance, recharge and reset. Don’t schedule any plans and when possible, create the day you choose to live….

1. If family life permits – sleep in! Allow yourself guilt-free time in bed, or a meaningful restorative sleep. Don’t set the alarm and have a slow start. 

2. Be at home. We are programmed to feel like we must pack our off-duty hours full of activities and busyness, but sometimes a quiet, pottering at home day is just what is needed. Properly relax and switch off from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Using Sunday as an excuse for a day of rest and spiritual renewal can only be good for the soul.

3. Create nourishing, every-Sunday traditions. Perhaps breakfast in bed, or a stroll to a local eatery for a delicious brunch. Feed your body with happy food that makes you feel good from the inside out.

4. Air. Fresh air, not busy, polluted city air. Spend time pottering in the garden or take a walk to a local park or country lane. Lift your eye-line upwards and take in the green and sky around you, topping up your nature reserves for the week ahead.

5. If you like to get out and about on a Sunday, head to a local farmer’s market. There’s always a buzz in the air, but it feels more nourishing than other crowded places. Enjoy mulling around sampling new flavours and selecting fresh fruit and vegetables (plus cheeses and deli bits) for your grocery shop.

6. On the topic of food…. get prepared with a little food prep. This doesn’t have to take too long and can be just the thing to set you up for a positive working week. Roast some veggies as salad toppers, batch cook some dinners to freeze or use for lunches. Make some simple, no bake energy oat bars or balls for snacks. While you’re at it, pop something in the slow cooker for a tasty and nutritious Sunday dinner.

7. Enjoy the good stuff! Go for a really great coffee or take the time to make a fancy hot chocolate at home – whatever you do, make it a little bit more special than the norm (this takes us back to being kind to ourselves).

8. Feeling positive can often come from being proactive and ‘getting things done’. Jobs like changing the bed or putting on laundry can take the sweetness out of a slow Sunday, but if you plan your time, it can fit nicely into a self-care routine. Change the sheets while listening to your favourite music, pop a load of washing on as a bubble bath fills up.

9. Wash off the week with a full exfoliating extravaganza – body brush, finishing with a head to toe scrub – shedding the past week, ready to start anew. Light a candle, burn soothing or invigorating essential oils (depending on what you are in need of) and sink into that hot bubble bath with your favourite salts.

10. Start the Sunday evening wind down with digital down time – if you’re brave enough, switch the mobile off! Or at least set to Do Not Disturb and close down social media apps.

11. Set out your outfit for the next morning and perhaps your work bag – no matter how fierce your Sunday night fear, the week ahead will feel more manageable if you are able to prepare some little details ahead of time.

12. Diffuse some lavender in the bedroom an hour before sleep, or spray some calming pillow mist on the bed.

13. Get into those fresh sheets (and fresh pyjamas) at a reasonable hour. It may be tempting to push the weekend out by staying up late and letting the Netflix episodes clock by, but you’ll regret it come Monday morning. Instead, make a bedtime book part of your Sunday ritual or, if your mind is still buzzing, listen to a mindfulness or meditative podcast.


* To note! Not all of the above can be achieved in one day, so don’t let Sunday become another day where you feel overwhelmed with ‘things you should achieve’. Instead act instinctually for what you need and select a few ideas that speak to you.



Eve Brannon

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