The Best Family Board Games For Boxing Day Fun

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We’re all too familiar with the fun and games of associated with the festivities but come Boxing Day, in the immediate aftermath of Christmas Day it can all feel anti-climatic. It’s usually the day when we start showing signs of cabin fever (keep your wits about you on the 27th and 28th when the cabin fever storm truly starts brewing) yet it’s far too soon to call time on the family fun. 

Boxing Day is a great time to take the old school approach to entertainment. At this time of year board games experience somewhat of a cultural renaissance particularly with the approach of New Year personal resolutions to reduce screen time. 

So whip up some hot chocolate and mulled wine and gather around your favourite board games for an afternoon of Boxing Day family fun. 

Here are our top picks:


A true classic, Monopoly is based on owning and renting property while progressing around the board. Avoid a trip to jail where you’ll have to pay expensive bail or take a chance on a community chest and reap the rewards. The game is best played with two to six players, suitable for ages eight and up and lasts several hours, perfect for an afternoon of hibernating from wintery weather.

Did you know: Monopoly is based on The Landlord’s Game created by Elizabeth Magie in the United States in 1903. It was created on the basis of demonstrating that an economy that rewards wealth creation is better than one where monopolists work against few restraints. Its popularity led to the release of hundreds of different editions and position as a consistent favourite in international pop culture.

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This is a board game to really amp up some family competition. It’s designed for four to twenty players split into various teams. Players must describe words from different categories to their team as quickly as possible. Categories include Object, Nature, Random, Action and World. Each round lasts 30 seconds with teams then moving around the board based on the number of words guessed correctly. 

Articulate! has been included within the UK adult games Top 10 every year since its release in 1992.

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This crime fiction board game is a murder mystery game designed for three to six players that was first manufactured in the UK in 1949. During the game players must determine who murdered the victim, where the crime took place and which weapon the perpetrator used. It’s a game of strategy during which each player must collect clues about the circumstances of the murder and about their fellow detective players.

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Possibly the game least likely to cause a family fallout within this list, mainly because as a game of skill, cheating is much harder to pull off. Take turns playing doctor as each player must ‘operate’ and retrieve various bones and organs without setting off the alarm. Suitable for ages six and up, this is a game that requires plenty of concentration but provokes frustration in equal measure.

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Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit challenges the extent of players’ general knowledge and pop culture expertise through a series of question cards. All of the cards are organised into themes with plenty of additional themed questions (including Star Wars, Saturday Night Live and The Lord of The Rings) that have now been released in response to the popularity of the game. The original is deemed the Genus edition but for family fun we recommend the family version or any of the novelty themed editions depending on your area of expertise. 

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Speak Out

One of the new kids on the block, this board game isn’t the most dignified but certainly makes up for it in hilarity. Players have to wear a mouth piece that doesn’t allow them to close their mouths while trying to say different phrases. The other players must then try to decipher what their teammate is saying while the countdown timer is running and wild bouts of laughter ensue.

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Egged On

A game of roulette that all of the family can enjoy. 

Players take it in turns to pick up plastic eggs and press them to their heads. The fun lies in the fact that some of the eggs are filled with water but players don’t know which ones until it’s too late. Last player left having avoided the ‘yolk’ win. Fans of this game will love the increasingly popular Pie Face Sky High which follows a similar concept with a pie in the face instead of an egg. 

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