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Come January, your party frock may be the last thing you feel like wearing – your daring dresses and glitzy gowns are obsolete for another season, put to rest for another year along with the Christmas decorations.

However, what if you find yourself faced with an unexpected invitation, or a New Year soiree pops up? Fear not, we have your dilemma sorted.

Opt for a simple, even understated outfit (head-to-toe black tends to be my go-to come January) and make your style statement with some bold finger candy.

The ultimate quintessential party piece – the cocktail ring – offers a ‘go big or go home’ attitude. Oversized, colourful and bold, the cocktail ring is a canvas on which a designer’s imagination can run wild. Adorned with sparkling gems, piled high with multiple dimensions and encrusted with precious stones, let your rings do the talking this New Year, as this eye-catching accessory promises to elevate any outfit.


Where does the title ‘cocktail ring’ come from? During the Prohibition period (1920-1933), toasting with a celebratory cocktail was a huge status statement of affluence. The purchase of the elaborate, yet illicit beverage was the first step, the second step was ensuring your acquaintances took notice of your fancy tipple. In turn, women began complimenting their drinks with larger than life rings – and here, the name: cocktail ring was born.

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