The Most Romantic Scents To Invest In Ahead of Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air. No literally, can’t you smell it?

Bringing our A-game on the fragrance front makes romance hard to escape at this time of the year. Our sense of smell is the most evocative of senses but can be overlooked in the midst of our beauty routines particularly in preparation for date night. Fragrance has the power to change our mood, evoke memories and apparently, it can even help us fall in love. Whether spending it with your girls or your significant other, there’s nothing like a seductive scent to get you in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for love or simply feeling ready to spice up your scent, check out these five romantic scents to invest in ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Chloe, £70

Delicate but sweet, this fresh floral fragrance made up of a cocktail of rose petals, peony and magnolia creates a modern but timeless scent. Tied up in a beautifully constructed bow, even the packaging oozes romance.  

Chloé, £70

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf,  £45.90

In creating the Flowerbomb collection, Viktor & Rolf set out on a mission to create a fragrance that had the power to spread positivity, beauty and fantasy to all that chose to wear it. The scent has captured the hearts of many through its myriad of rose, orchid and freesia flowers highlighted within this perfume.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, £49.50

Chanel No 5, £113

This fragrance is the very essence of femininity with its light, powdery floral scent made up of rose, jasmine and bright citrus top notes. We all know that if elegance could be bottled, this is how it would both look and smell.

Chanel No. 5, £113

Si by Giorgio Armani, £62

Armani has gone above and beyond with romantic connotations of this scent from the name, meaning ‘yes’ in Italian making it ideal for anniversary or engagement gifts to the packaging where a gold ring circles the neck of the bottle to symbolise the promise of eternity. The scent itself takes a modern approach to classic florals through a combination of chypre, musky blond wood, airy florals and black currant nectar notes.

Sí by Giorgio Armani, £62

No. 42 The Flower Shop by Jo Loves, £70

Who needs to be gifted a bouquet this Valentine’s when you could bottle the delicious scent instead? When creating this fragrance, Jo channelled memories of working in a florist as a teenager, bringing to life a scent that celebrated the magical memory of when fresh flowers would fill the room early each morning. This concoction of crushed green leaves, peonies and freesia is perfect for flower lovers everywhere ready to embrace romance this Valentine’s Day.

No.42 The Flower Shop by Jo Loves, £70
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