The Official Launch : Topshop Beauty

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Tomorrow morning the long-awaited return of the Topshop Beauty Collection will launch across UK stores! If you were a fan of the previous collection of well-priced lipsticks and glowing highlighters (as we all were) then you’ll appreciate what a dark day it was when the collection ceased selling across stores, leaving make up mourners with no reassurance that Topshop beauty would ever return.

But…. it’s back!

And it’s bigger and better than ever. Reformulated, repackaged and expanded, the vast new collection combines the best-loved elements of the original range with brand new products.

The new range is very much led by customer feedback meaning that all of the formulations have been carefully adapted to suit each skin type, to last longer, to bring premium make up formulas into an affordable price range and, most importantly, the entire collection is certified as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny Programme.

The range of products available is truly impressive. Topshop’s eyeshadows will now be sold in, a very impressive, six different finishes – matt, metallic, satin, sparkly, chrome and crayon whilst the choice of colours and finishes in eyeliners has expanded hugely. Brand new brow products, mascaras and eyelid primers are set to be a hit whilst the ever-popular lip products have expanded to a give buyers an amazing choice of 83 products to include lipsticks, glosses, and crayons. And, never fear, the famous red Rio Rio lipstick is back with a bang.

An extensive choice of nail polishes, foundation, liquid highlighters, primers, bronzers, blushes and a 10-part range of brushes take the collection to the next level of dreamy! Colour choices range from the classic favourites to the unconventional – but all are entirely fashion-informed.

And the most appealing thing about this collection? THE PRICE. Every single item in the collection is priced between just £5 and £16 – so affordable that you’ll be able to try it all before you discover your faves. Welcome back, Topshop Beauty; we missed you!


*Topshop Beauty launches in stores across the UK on 2nd November, 2018.*

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