THE STYLE EDIT Interviews Medium Fiona Faery

Fiona Faery is a spiritual intuitive and medium. Her insightful readings and warm nature have attracted followers from around the world. 

Fiona believes in empowering her clients, offering intuitive readings that provide clarity and comfort on any life situation they may be facing. As a medium, Fiona will endeavour to connect with loved ones in spirit, providing evidence of their existence in the spirit world and delivering messages to the sitter.

Based in Dundalk, Ireland, Fiona has worked on television, radio and hosts a regular Facebook & Instagram Live (@fionafaerypsychicmedium). Her Angelscopes appear in several publications within Ireland. 

THE STYLE EDIT: How would you describe your job role?

I would describe my job role as a spiritual advisor that connects people with their spiritual truth, enabling them to find the answers within. As a medium, I connect my clients with their loved ones in spirit and unite them, providing validation, evidence and proof of their existence in the spiritual plane.

TSE: When did you first recognise that you had a gift? 

I could see things as a child and it wasn’t until I began to get older, I realised that not everybody else felt and saw things as the way I did – or knew things about other people. I could understand pain. I could feel if somebody wasn’t well and if somebody was going to pass. 

“I could see things as a child and it wasn’t until I began to get older, I realised that not everybody else felt and saw things as the way I did”

TSE: Did you pursue any training to help you hone your skills as a medium?

Yes, I have been training all my life and in truth, I will always be. I do believe that there is learning in every single client session – no two sessions are ever the same. I have trained with some of the best mediums in the world. There is a school of thought that doesn’t believe you have to train as a medium. I would counter that with the notion that someone can be born a gifted violin player, but they need to go to the masters to perfect their technique – and that is precisely what I have done with my mediumship.

TSE: What is your intention or motivation for doing your work?

My intention is to give people hope back into their lives again, to reunite them with their loved ones in spirit. To remind people of the power that they have within and remind them why they are here. My motivation is the joy in my client’s face when I connect them with refutable evidence of their loved ones in spirit. The feeling of peace, joy and comfort it offers. I adore the psychic reading aspect where I can give hope to the person, when I connect with them and truly see them. I feel that is one thing my clients know and appreciate in a sitting with me, is that I truly see them.

TSE: In regards to psychic abilities, is it always a guide, angel or spirit passing  information, or do you have separate abilities which are independent of your guides?

I have a ‘sprit team’ who work alongside me and that spirit team will protect me, but the information I get is directly from spirit. I don’t have any ‘filter’, so to speak. Every single human being has a guide/angel/loved one in spirit surrounding them. My spirit team are with me for my own protection, but the information comes directly from the source.

“Every single human being has a guide/angel/loved one in spirit surrounding them”

TSE: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

That’s a really good question! All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. A medium is a bridge, as the name suggests, between the living and the dead. A medium connects you to your loved ones in spirit and imparts passing conditions, personalities, messages and names to the sitter.

A psychic can give insights into the person’s life, be it through divinatory forms such as tarot, crystals, angel cards, ruins, tea leaves, etc – which will show the aspects of past, present and future. Divinatory aspects of a client’s life. A psychic may not have mediumship ability, they may only be able to connect to the person in front of them, hence the term ‘fortune teller’. A fortune teller is exactly that, they are able to do cards, crystals, tarot and palms, etc, whereas a medium can do both. If you can connect to a spirit, you sure as hell can connect with the person directly in front of you!

TSE: Does everyone have spirits or guides connected to them?

Absolutely, everyone on this planet has a spirit guide and loved ones in spirit. Your ancestors always work with you. We are always born with at least one angel and one spirit guide. Every single human being before they incarnate here, designs a birth chart of what this incarnation is about for them and what lessons it holds. We have no recollection of this when we incarnate on this earthly plane, so our guides and angels are with us to try and help us to connect us to that plan. Certain things in our lives can be very traumatic and be part of that life plan, but we also have free will which is why some lovely human beings have had horrible things happen to them that may or may not be part of that life plan. We do have free will and we can do acts of goodwill or horrible acts. My true belief is that this is hell – where we come to learn – and then we go home. You could not disturb your loved ones in spirit if you tried, in truth we are the ones that are disturbed, having to make our way through this very heavy dimension. 

TSE: Some psychics give predictions, some do not. How do you feel about stating predictions for the future?

There is no such thing as 100% accuracy. There are thousands of timelines and threads that are moving through your life right now. I’ve mentioned before that we have free will, so we can change our mind – that is the gift of free will. This is also a curse as well! I will look at certain aspects of a person’s life and try and give the most accurate timeline that my client may follow. My client can still walk out the door and go left or right and decide not to take my advice. That is perfectly fine, that is up to them. No, I do not see that happening, as I am not a telepath. Some people confuse psychics with telepathy and think we can give lotto numbers. If I could do that, I would be on that beach in Barbados before you! All a psychic is, is a highly sensitive individual that can tune into your emotions and truth and give you an insight into yourself, this is particularly useful when you are in denial to your own truth or have become disconnected to your truth. A psychic is not to be confused with a doctor, lawyer, counsellor, therapist or solicitor, as they do not have those qualifications (unless of course they are a qualified professional themselves) and they should not be treated as such. 

“Some people confuse psychics with telepathy and think we can give lotto numbers. If I could do that, I would be on that beach in Barbados before you!”

TSE: Do you have any advice for people who think they may have a gift like yours, but don’t know how to manage it?

When I was a teenager I remember my finding Indian medicine cards on the bottom shelf in a book shop, whereas nowadays you can go online to places such as the Book Depository. There are endless online shops, never mind the plethora of book shops – and thousands of card decks, books and videos at your disposal.

My advice for people who wish to develop their psychic abilities and gifts would be to do something like a complimentary therapy course, such as Reiki, Level One. This starts at the beginning: learning about the chakras in the body and how to protect yourself. Reiki is fantastic for learning all about your own energy, and will help you develop and open up your energies, providing the attunements you need to protect yourself. I would also recommend attending psychic workshops and perhaps joining a meditation circle. I run different courses that are listed on my website at so you can keep an eye there.

Furthermore, you can ask your own guides for help. Youtube is an amazing place where you can get thousands of videos and tutorials on psychic development – some good, some not so good – but that is for you to take it upon yourself to scroll through some videos to see what feels right for you. I truly believe when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

TSE: What can people do to raise their vibration to get the most out of spiritual guidance?

I feel it’s important when a person is coming for a sitting (or ‘reading’) that they may be open to what may come up and be open to work on themselves. The worst kind of client is when someone comes to be told what they want to hear as supposed to what the truth is. This is someone with blinkers on, who expects a very direct answer to a question they have i.e: “will I get back with this person?”. While this person may not be for their highest good. The most important thing is to just be open. Nerves are perfectly normal, but try to be as relaxed as possible to the guidance that’s in front of them.

TSE: What can a client expect to receive from a reading with you?

I have a very light hearted approach to my sittings, I believe laughter is very powerful. I like to deconstruct what it is I do, so the first few minutes of my sitting is explaining how I read. I will not discuss anything like death, or anything that has a ‘fortune telling vibe’ or that feels foreboding. I have no time for that whatsoever, and I have a low regard for people who carry on with such nonsense. My sittings are insightful, full of humour and most importantly full of compassion and empathy. I tell the truth. I am known for my ‘shoot from the hip’ approach, but I really feel all the people who come to me are ready for a reading and are really wanting change. I truly see my clients and hold a sacred place for them in order for them to facilitate the changes that they wish to make in their lives. As a medium, I connect them with their loved ones in spirit and it’s truly an honour to witness the love that is present in the room on those occasions. 

“My sittings are insightful, full of humour and most importantly full of compassion and empathy”

TSE: What is your process when you’re reading for a client? How do you receive your information?

That’s a really great question. I have all the abilities – clairevoyence, calireaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience and clairaugstance. All these abilities combine as one and in a siting, I use them psychically and mediumistcally to connect to my clients. I will feel what is right for them, I will know what to say in the sitting and I will know what is the correct guidance for them. The evidence I receive from a psychic sitting is from the person’s own energy field. We all have an auric field where all our information is contained within. I can go in quite deep, sometimes there would be an aspect of a past life that can come in, other times it’s the current lesson this person is currently facing and struggling with in their life. It could be a lesson they’ve been struggling with for quite some time… it could be a particular lover or a relationship that keeps repeating itself like a broken record, because the lesson is not being learned. 

I identify the patterns and traits that are holding my clients back and I will advise a course of action for them to follow, such as therapy, counselling, complimentary therapies, referring people onto doctors, psychologists, solicitors etc. As I mentioned earlier, I am not to be confused with a doctor, but I will recommend these organisations and third parties. Mostly, people get a sense of comfort, a sense of grounding and peace. Recently a client described my reading as,“a weight lifted” off their shoulders and that is one of the biggest compliments I could ever receive. My Instagram – @fionafaerypsychicmedium -– does daily readings, daily cards and inspirations for everyone and my mission here is for people to truly see how powerful they are and to help the light within glow even brighter.

TSE: Can you share any feedback you’ve received from your clients after their readings?

It’s really funny, I know a lot of readers like to post recommendations and referrals etc. I only tend to post them when people tag me in them. I think word of mouth is the best. It does not sit well with me to say this person said that about me. I would feel rather uncomfortable, as it never really is about me, it’s about the message. I have read for many celebrities and I’ve never mentioned it, as I feel privacy and confidentiality is the most important aspect of what I do. I never discuss my sittings. I know this is deeply appreciated by all my clients, so if people choose to speak about my readings and tag me on social media that’s absolutely fine and I’m so happy and honoured to share that, but integrity is so important to me. I’m so honoured to be able to work in a career that I love. I get to wake up every morning and do what I love – and I love what I do!


Thank you for taking the time to talk with THE STYLE EDIT.



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