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Spring/summer ’18 is fast approaching and that means one important thing in our social and style calendars – wedding season! With Prince Harry due to marry the beautiful Meagan Markle this summer in one of the most anticipated weddings of the decade, now is the perfect time to get inspired.

This is particularly relevant in my household as one of my closest friends, and flatmate, is getting married this summer so wedding talk is abundant in our house day and night. It was no surprise that, when the trend-setter that is Megan Markle announced that she was going to break away from tradition at her own wedding and make a speech herself during the reception, we turned to google and social media to see what other unique wedding elements are trending this year. In our constant web searching, Pinterest stalking and Instagram scrolling Karla, Christina and I have come across some really creative alternative ideas for venues, dresses, cakes and entertainment that were too good not to share. The wedding industry is huge but, just like fashion, it’s ever-changing, which makes right now the ultimate opportunity to incorporate something really unique into the day. So, if you’re a soon-to-be bride, bridesmaid, or even a guest, read on to be inspired this wedding season. Here are my (our) top picks to make that special day that little bit more special – or totally different! 


Of course the traditional wedding cake looks beautiful but, let’s be honest, does it ever actually get eaten? Personally I’ve never actually had a slice of that 4-tier dessert that we all gather around for a solid 30 minutes and take copious snaps of the bride and groom pretending to cut. What’s the point? What makes much more sense to me is a cheeseboard cake that, not only looks really chic and unique, but your guests will enjoy munching on until the early hours of the morning – the perfect accompaniment to all the champagne! 

Save the trees – and time.
When searching for wedding invite designs, it dawned on us: is it really necessary to send a physical invite in a day and age when everyone is glued to their phones? I’m not saying send a text (because that’s a little too lax) but why not send an e-invite? There are hundreds of really pretty designs out there to choose from and you can personalise every aspect of them to suit your day. This way you’re saving paper, hours of envelope licking (yuck!) and postage costs. Plus this method is so much easier to keep track of – guests can simply click ‘attending’ and it pings straight back to your own email. More than ideal! Check out my personal favourite, Kate Spade’s Paperless Post collection.

Vamp up the venue.
While a traditional church wedding is a ‘must’ for some couples, you’d be amazed how many couples book a church wedding simply because they think they should. Why not mix it up and do something that really represents you as a couple? Instagram is full of stunning snaps of couples getting hitched in art galleries, museums, or beautiful outdoor settings. Why not consider it? You’ll be in great company alongside the likes of many celebs who shunned the traditional church wedding and opted for wholly unique, and equally breath-taking venues. Don’t believe me? Actress and Model Olivia Wilde wed Italian Prince Tao Ruspoli on a school bus in 2003, Actor Kelsey Grammar married his fiancé quite literally at work (on the stage of his latest broadway show in NYC), and Kate Hudson was married in small white tent, in front of a fire at her parents’ house. The possibilities really are endless!

Happy-medium hen do.
The hen do can be another particularly stressful undertaking as it comes with the added pressure of attempting to please everyone and can very easily become a typical story of consistent drinking and the inevitable isolation of some guests. When planning your hen do try and consider somewhere that has something for everyone and means that you can easily split your time between quality time with all the important ladies in your life and dancing the night away as the sun sets on the beach. Karla, Christina and I are looking forward to a few days in Portugal in May where we can take in the sun, the shops and the sights, enjoy relaxed brunches whilst we chat non-stop and then enjoy the nightlife within a short walking distance of our hotel so the group can remain together at all times.

It’s all in the detail. 
It’s a fact that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. In all the commotion of calculating finances, picking the most important dress of your life and working out who to seat next to who to avoid family feuds, it can be very easy to overlook the small details that really make a difference to the overall ambience of the day. I, (ok, ‘WE’) love the idea of a hangover kit for the morning after (which includes painkillers, Lucozade and mints), polaroid cameras on each table which guests can use at their leisure, and asking your guests to hand you flowers as you walk up the aisle so that all your loved ones are a part of your bouquet by the time you reach the alter. We also came across the truly magical idea of having your own cologne and perfume made as favours for your guests so every time they spray it, they can remember your special day! 

However, what matters more than anything, is that you ensure your wedding day is truly memorable for you and your partner!



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