The YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To This Vlogmas

Forget Christmas movies, come the first of December, I’m all about Vlogmas. As of its return last weekend, I’ve found myself feeling much more festive than I’d anticipated with still three weeks to go until the big day. It’s time you got in on it, too.

It’s a weird concept, I’ll admit. One that has me swiftly changing channels should anyone but my little sister enter the room. There’s just something about watching others decorate their Christmas trees, host festive drinks parties for friends and embark on their Christmas shopping that spreads the festive cheer like no other. Admittedly, there does come a point (usually around mid-December) when everything gets a little overwhelming, you’ve missed a video here and there and suddenly you’re way behind. The joy then comes to the little binge-watch session you’ve unknowingly rewarded yourself with on a cosy Sunday evening. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, YouTubers spend Vlogmas vlogging daily in the lead up to Christmas Day. These days many of them have really upped their game, designing special video intros specifically for their Vlogmas series with some going so far as incorporating giveaways into every video. Vlogging isn’t welcomed by all but you’ve got to hand it the YouTubers that commit to it. It’s a lot of work to film, edit, publish and promote all of their Vlogmas content daily alongside the other content they create and the madness of the Christmas period. 

Whether fashion, beauty or lifestyle content catches your eye, there’s a Vlogmas YouTuber I guarantee you’ll love. So grab a cuppa and cosy up. These are the YouTubers you should be watching this vlogmas. 

Lydia Elise Millen

Loyal followers of Lydia’s will know that this Christmas marks the first Christmas in her new house and her first wedding anniversary with husband, Ali Gordon, conveniently also a YouTuber. In the last few months subscribers have anxiously awaited various room tours as she has her dream home renovated and so far they’re yet to disappoint. Lydia rules supreme when it comes to chic investment buys, all things cosy and providing plenty of gift inspiration (even if it’s a gift to yourself instead).

Subscribe to Lydia’s Channel here

Instagram / @lydiaemillen

Retro Flame

Erika Fox of Retro Flame is one of the aforementioned who go above and beyond on the intro front. This year’s snowy advent opening somehow managed to top that of last year’s but you’ll have to watch the videos to see what I mean. As an Irish blogger living in New York, Erika’s content gives an insight into a truly festive New York City with trips to Christmas markets, the occasional snow and those famous festive window displays along Fifth Avenue. Plus she’s lucky enough to attend the Vogue Christmas party each year – an episode of Vlogmas you won’t want to miss. I spend a lot of time living vicariously through Erika’s content and at Christmas time, it’s even more magical. 

Subscribe to Erika’s channel here

Instagram / @retroflame

Amelia Liana

Ok so, being brutally honest, Amelia’s posh-girl, London accent may not be for everyone but her witty sense of humour, glamorous winter style inspiration and fluffy, little pup will soon win you over. She’ll inspire you to get saving for your dream apartment in London and probably cause your beauty wishlist to triple but follow her lead and you’ll look cosy, glam and super festive in the process. Plus she’s kind enough to host a giveaway for her followers every day in her videos this December. 

Subscribe to Amelia’s channel here.

Instagram / @amelialiana

Zoe Sugg

We couldn’t pull together a list of our favourite YouTubers without giving mention to YouTube OG, Zoella. Given that she usually keeps us on our toes with her vlogging upload schedule, a vlog everyday from Zoe Sugg is a feast fit for a Queen. So far this Vlogmas we’ve had a 20 minute upload titled, ‘Mini Adventure To The Most festive City’ followed by a 34 minute video covering day two of Vlogmas. Things are looking good, guys. I’m already buzzing with excitement for the episode that covers Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman’s annual Christmas party.

Subscribe to Zoe’s channel here

Instagram / @zoesugg

Niomi Smart

At the time of writing, Niomi Smart has 1.6 million subscribers which says a lot about her content in itself. While some of her most popular videos include enviable hauls, makeup tutorials and healthy cooking videos, her Vlogmas content really takes the biscuit, or mince pie if you’d rather (too cheesy?). For day one of Vlogmas she’s already gifted us with a behind the scenes look at her full beauty routine and a day in the countryside and if that’s not good enough for us nosey parkers, we better keep watching because we’re in for a festive treat. 

Subscribe to Niomi’s channel here

Instagram / @niomismart
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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