These Beauty Hacks Will Help Save Your Winter Skin

Winter comes with a whole lot of nuances but disrupting our beauty routines has to be one of the most annoying. Chapped lips and matte lipstick? Not a good look. That horrible moment when fake tan meets dry patches of wintery skin? No, thank you. The cold air that the winter brings robs your skin of its natural moisture which can then leave it dry, itchy and irritated. There’s no denying that winter weather can really do a number on your skin which is why you have to take time to really care for it through the winter.


First of all, now is not the time to ditch the SPF. Yes, there may be a severe lack of sunshine at this time of year and fewer UVB rays around but UVA rays are still heavily present to age your skin during the winter time.

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Treat Yourself To A Facial

You know what they say about summer bodies being made in the winter. The same concept applies to prepping your summer skin during winter months. Now is a great time to invest in a round of professional skincare treatments to nail your summer glow come July. It takes about 3-4 weeks for your skin to go through a full cycle of skin cell growth and so it’s recommended that you book in for facials in line with this cycle. A facial will help to rid your complexion of dead skin cells, helping to regenerate skin and improve product absorption. If you decide against the professional route and decide to stick to your own skincare regime, try to minimise exfoliation to once a week. While exfoliating does provide these previously mentioned benefits, your skin barrier is already compromised during the winter months so increased amounts of exfoliation may cause more damage.   

Stay hydrated

We know it seems obvious but we could all do with reminders on the hydration front, particularly with the onset of winter weather and subsequent central heating that causes your skin to dry out much faster. Other than increasing your water intake, there are several different tricks you can try to counteract the consequences of winter weather on your skin. Try installing a small humidifier in your home to help you to control moisture levels and keep your skin happy. Place a small one in the room where you spend the most time. In terms of diet, swapping coffee for green tea and its antioxidant effects can work wonders while consumption of fruits like berries provides a great source of vitamins that helps to keep your skin healthy during the cold weather.

On The Go

Skincare is more than a ten-minute routine every evening before bed. It’s easy to incorporate skincare habits into ‘on-the-go’ life too. For example, caring for chapped lips can be one of the most frustrating effects of winter skin but can also be easily solved by simply adding a lip scrub into your daily routines. Not only will it prevent chapping but it will help to apply your colour much more smoothly while also making lipsticks last much longer.

Another small tip to remember is the importance of stocking up on hand cream. Both your hands and lips are left exposed to the same harsh environments as your complexion. Stash hand cream and lip scrubs in your bathroom and handbag for easy top ups throughout the day.

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