Thought-Provoking Fashion

Lingerie brand, Playful Promises’ latest collection aims to challenge perceptions of lingerie models and, indeed, the fashion industry in general.

Going against all conventions of the lingerie industry Playful Promises has fought back against lingerie conglomerates and mainstream media and used trans model Dani St. James for its most recent campaign to show that beauty comes in many different forms.

Featuring fierce bodysuits and Madonna-esque bullet bras the range is as fun as it is thought provoking and is perfect for those with curves who favour the retro look.

Brand director and founder, Emma Parker said: “So much of fashion is negative, and strives on fantasy ideals that women are supposed to aspire to. This is the anti-thesis of everything we created Playful Promises to represent – we are anti-fashion fashion. Fashion that is accessible, diverse and fun. As the designer and founder of Playful Promises I was taken a back by the recent anti-women statements about plus-size women and trans women that recently came from senior figures at Victoria’s Secret. Such a big company should be a leader in our industry but they are letting us all down. We wanted to show them how lingerie marketing could be done, and that we as a small indie brand can actually do it better.

“We collaborated with Dani St James to celebrate valentine’s and create some fun images, which look amazing but also have artistic merit and are culturally relevant. We were inspired by the symbolism of The Virgin Mary, and how her image is subject to conflict, criticism and control, much like that of our trans sisters. Mary is a recognisable icon of womanhood, where all should be welcome, yet is also a stick used to beat women with in regards sexual morality and purity – we wanted to turn this all on its head. Fashion can be fun and thoughtful and for everyone.”

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