Three Beauty Brands You Need To Know About In 2019

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A new skincare or makeup purchase can be the perfect pick-me-up on these cold, not to mention dark, winter days, brightening not only your mood but also your face (and right now we’ll take all the help we can get).

If you’re always on the lookout for something new then here are three beauty brands we think you’ll be hearing a lot more of this year. 

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant’s name came about after founder Tiffany Masterson started researching ingredients; she fell in love with African marula oil and was fascinated by the myth that elephants become drunk after eating marula fruit.

The skincare brand believes there are six culprits, the Suspicious 6 to be exact, that are primarily to blame for almost all skin drama and are at the root of so-called skin types. It believes if you make a clean break from the Suspicious 6, eliminating them completely from your skin’s diet, your skin will reset to its natural, happy state.

The Suspicious 6:

*Essential Oils
*Chemical Sunscreens
*Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
*Fragrance and Dyes
*Drying Alcohols

Because there are zero silicones to interfere with absorption, you can mix any Drunk Elephant serum, moisturiser or oil in the palm of your hand and apply them all at the same time. Available from SpaceNK, prices start at £15, with the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial oil priced from £34-61.


FLOWER Beauty’s range of makeup, fragrance and accessories is seriously covetable. The brand was the brainchild and mission of Drew Barrymore and her straightforward, no-nonsense philosophy of empowerment that women everywhere deserve the best quality, most efficacious products at an affordable price.

The actress wanted to create a beauty brand that draws on her years of experience, and her belief that women everywhere should be able to share in something special.

All products are cruelty free and the brand has adopted the ethos that individuality is everything. With a passion for creativity, the cosmetics and tools  not only make life easier and more fun but look and feel amazing and are all packaged for performance and charm.

Available from Superdrug, prices vary from £14.99 for a skin primer to £7.99 for a lip gloss.


Disciple is a London-based natural skincare company for stressed-out skin, created by psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson. 

Anxiety, stress and low mood can cause inflammatory skin issues such as adult-acne, eczema and premature ageing. Disciple products are unique in that they work not only on the surface of the skin but the adaptogen rich formulas help the body and mind deal with internal stress too, improving your body’s ability to adapt to stress and helping to rebalance hormones – up to 70% of skincare is absorbed into the body.

Hand-blended in small batches from the best raw botanical ingredients, this clean, streamlined range is brimming with prebiotics to nourish good bacteria on the skin and linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid) to balance skin’s natural sebum consistency and so minimise breakouts.

Available from Cult Beauty, prices start from £12 for the Balancing Mist.

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