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A stunning and confident young woman, Teodora Sutra has made an entrance into the modeling world few others have enjoyed in Ireland. Currently on a six month travelling stint around the world with her boyfriend, she took time out of her travels to chat to The Style Edit`s Jenny Taggart about the loves of her life.

Teodora Sutra is a very beautiful name; where were you born?

I was born in Riga, Latvia. I moved to Ireland when I was 9 years old with my family. My name is not a typical Latvian name at all, it’s actually a Greek name. It means God’s gift…what a name! My mum chose all quirky names for us – Timotejs, Karlina, Margarita & Gabriela are my siblings. Not as quirky as Apple or Sky for kids names but for that time in Latvia, they were interesting and unusual!

How did you become a model?

My mum actually entered me into a model search competition! I would NEVER ever have had the confidence to do it myself so I’m super grateful that she did. I was so shy and scared when I got to the Irish final of the Ford Supermodel of the World competition run by 1st Option Models, but knowing that they chose me to be in the final out of the few thousand girls that entered made me happy and gave me some confidence. I ended up winning the Irish final and got to represent Ireland in New York along with 56 other girls from all over the world. I’ve been with 1st Option Models in Dublin ever since! I love my clients in Dublin, work isn’t work for me because I really enjoy the people that I work with everyday – I’m very lucky.

Name your top three beauty products?

I can’t – I repeat can’t, live without a good lip balm. I think my lips are spoilt, my go to lip product is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. My skin is quite sensitive so I like to use mild product on it. I love BIODERMA micellar water cleanser, it removes make up effectively but is super kind to skin and never irritates my eyes or face. Kevin Murphy blonde angel hair treatment is my treat for my hair at least once a week. It cleans the hair of any brassiness whilst at the same time pumping it with nutrients that nourish the hair.

What’s your favourite part of your body?

My smile! If that counts?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I love waking up in the morning, there is always a fun new day ahead!

Favourite song?

In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Favourite movie?

Good Will Hunting

Pet hate?

My biggest and probably only pet hate is when people chew with their mouth open. It drives me crazy, it really does!

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I enjoy hiking, my favourite place in Ireland is Glendalough. I just just did the Inka Trail in Peru and a few mountains in Indonesia. I love it – being outside in nature makes me so happy, no matter what the weather is like!

Best holiday you have ever had?

I just spent two months in Indonesia and it will be so hard to beat it! The people are so friendly, the food is amazing and the beaches are beautiful. I could really find myself living there one day.

Favourite accessory?

Right now I’m travelling, so my hiking boots seem to be my go-to accessory. Oh and my smartphone for googling!

Favourite food?

Stir fries. I love eating colourful food, so fresh vegetables and fruits are an every meal must. I love eating healthy food that nourishes my body. And chocolate… I can’t live without chocolate!

Favourite bar & what drink would you order?

No Name Bar in Dublin and I would order their Mai Tai cocktail. Right now, I am in Peru and my cocktail of choice is Pisco Sour.

Favourite hotel?

Langham Hotel in Chicago. I stayed there for a week last year in May and loved everything about it. It’s big and glamourous – the service is impeccable!

What outfit do you feel most comfortable wearing?

I love super relaxed clothing such as skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt and Converse. If I’m dressing up I’ll wear a mini dress and high heels. I’ve been travelling since May, so I’ve only worn high heels three times I think!

Best memory?

My granny used to have a huge farm when we were growing up in the countryside. My best memories are picking strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants from our fields and eating them with sugar. Every summer we had the best fruit and veggies fresh from the garden. I miss it so much!

The person who has changed your life the most?

My mother. Her strength and courage through her toughest times in life has taught me everything. She’s been through so much in life but never complains or projects negative energy.

Four years ago you went through the unimaginable when your nine year old sister, Gabriela, died in tragic circumstances. How did you learn to cope with the pain of losing someone so close to you?

Its been the hardest four years emotionally. When something that tragic happens, it’s a real test of your inner strength and beliefs. After the death of loved one, you can go down the road of hatred and self-loathing – you can blame the world, fall into a depression and waste your own life away. My family stuck together, supported each another and celebrate the life that Gabriela got to live and it has certainly taught us to live our own lives to the fullest because our angel Gabriela, until she passed away, did just that.

Your mother is a very special person in your life and it seems that you draw much of your resiliency from her. What is the one mantra that you live your life by?

Every day you live on this earth could be your last, so I believe you should take each day, opportunity and person you meet and embrace it. Life is too short! Realising this will change your way of thinking and how you may react to certain situations.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ and ‘It’s about the journey not the destination’. I know they are quotes but I live by them!

Jenny Taggart, Editor

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