Top Tips On Preparing and Caring For Winter Skin

It feels like the bright, crisp mornings of autumn have come to an abrupt standstill as winter accelerates towards its climax. Let’s face it (excuse the pun) winter weather is no good for the skin. Harsh cold winds, dry air and chilly outdoor temperatures that contrast with heated homes, can leave our skin chapped, dehydrated, stressed and broken.

Add to that, the damage of the festive season, aka – overindulgence, alcohol and increased sugar, salts and unhealthy fats, plus possibly less sleep – and you are left with skin that can appear dull and less than its best.

To avoid skin damage and breakouts during winter months, we can all follow some simple steps in our beauty routines and lifestyle choices to ensure our skin doesn’t suffer….

Change It Up
At this time of year it can be important to shift your skincare up a gear. The face especially will require more moisture, so increase the amount of moisturiser you apply and perhaps switch it for a richer option. A cream can often be more effective than a lotion. Using oils on the face overnight and moisturising masks regularly can replenish lost moisture.

Buff Away
Being kind and gentle to your skin doesn’t have to mean skipping a good scrub. Exfoliate your face one to two times a week to replenish that youthful glow that can go missing during the winter season.

Cleanse Clever
Facial cleansers can often be harsh and can strip the skin of its natural oils, while drying it out. Choose your cleanser carefully and be sure to select appropriately for your skin type.

Look After Your Lips
Most of us suffer with cracked, dry lips at this time of year as we neglect to give them the extra protection they need during cold weather. Banish dry, flaky, chapped skin on the lips by using a homemade lip exfoliator – mix either fresh coffee grounds or sugar with some coconut oil and scrub over the lips daily. Finish with an enriching lip salve and be sure to carry it with you for regular top ups.

Add Moisture
The winter months fill our homes with dry air, which zaps moisture from the skin, often leaving it dull, lifeless and tight. Using a humidifier at home, especially overnight, can add the water back into the air and skin.

Short Showers
It may be tempting to soak in long, super hot showers when the temperatures drop, but did you know that hot water can strip the skin of its own natural oils and in turn, dry it out? Cut back the duration of your showers and aim for warm but not hot water. Be sure to slather on the body moisturiser as soon as you jump out!


Eve Brannon

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