Transitional Trends

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This time of year is particularly challenging when it comes to making the most of our wardrobe. Whilst our fashion taste buds are tempted by spring/summer trends, the weather can be less than co-operative with our desire to sport sassy skirts and summery sandals. Waking up the morning for work is difficult enough, without having the delve through your entire wardrobe for something on-trend but still practical for the single-figure temperatures outside.

I’m here to share with you my savvy style tips and top trends to bridge the gap between the tail end of winter and the start of spring/summer.

TIP 1: Capture the essence of spring/summer with colour, but stay cosy with thicker fabrics. 

TIP 2: Incorporate floral prints into your outerwear to truly feel like spring has sprung (but don’t loose your practical coat just yet). 

TIP 3: Love layers. Wear that seasonal dress or skirt, but layer it up for style and comfort. 

TIP 4: If the weather really isn’t in your favour when it comes to sporting summer trends, pay homage to the season with your hair and make up. Work a golden glow or pretty pastels on your eyes or lips – think festival vibes like this gorgeous braid by Braidbox Belfast. 

TIP 5: Nothing says spring/summer like frills and floaty fabrics – but no-one said there’s only one season to wear them! 

TIP 6: Focus on functional and fashionable footwear to add some seasonal sass to any outfit. 

TIP 7: Own an overcoat. Long, warm overcoats are the perfect way to keep all of you warm on the commute to and from work, but allows you to dress for the season we all long for underneath.  

TIP 8: Not only are they bang on trend, but knee high boots are the perfect way to wear that new skirt AND keep your legs warm when it’s still a little early to unleash bare pins.  

TIP 9: Think with your head. I don’t know about you but my mum was constantly telling me how you lose 70% of your body heat through your head. The transitional season is the perfect time to incorporate a hat into your outfit and keep you warm before the temperatures finally hit the teens!  

TIP 10: It’s not quite time to bare our legs completely  – so trust in all of the trendy trousers out there as a way of easing yourself into spring/summer.  

There really are so many options out there to successfully bridge that unpredictable gap between winter and spring. Embrace your inner fashionista, as now is the perfect time to be creative with your wardrobe.

Embrace spring/summer (and ignore the weather!).



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