Wallpaper Trends: The Prints You Need In Your Home Right Now

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A relatively straightforward and cost effective means of injecting colour and character into a room is the addition of wallpaper. Whether you follow the recent trend of utilising a bold eye-catching removable design (that can change as your style evolves), or opt for traditional wallpaper that requires a little more commitment, the options are endless. Wallpaper has the ability to draw the eye, freshen any space and ultimately set the tone or theme for a room.

This year sees trends in wallpaper get braver and more adventurous than ever. Whether it’s a nod to hotter climates with tropical elements or choosing a bold floor-to-ceiling repeat print, the instant update is worth the wallpaper paste annoyance.


The Outside In

The current love for botanical design has reached our homes and is spreading up the walls like climbing ivy. Adding a sense of calm and natural beauty, botanical prints are whimsical, ethereal and offer a muted palette. While tropical styles are punchier, often brighter in colour and can afford an element of fun. Timeless floral designs will continue to be a popular choice, but they are revamped with a fresh energy, on a larger scale.

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The popular demand for geometric prints in wallpaper shows no signs of slowing down. Adding an instant nod to art deco glamour, prints in metallic shades of rose, silver and gold are ever-popular in the bedroom.

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Print, Print, Everywhere

In love with a particular print or pattern? Why not be daring and introduce it throughout a room? When it comes to wallpaper, there is nothing more dramatic and visually effective than adding pops of print from floor to ceiling.

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A View From The Loo

Although wallpapering is a very classic method of interior design, in recent times we are seeing fans becoming more adventurous and versatile with not only their wallpaper choices, but how and where they use it. Wallpaper is no longer just for the walls but can be used to create a stunning statement ceiling. We are feeling less restricted by traditional decorating ‘norms’ and are using wallpaper in less likely rooms – primarily the bathroom. Here you can play with print and add personality to an often somewhat dull space.

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Go Green

In search of inspiration, but don’t know where to start? Green is a great starting point. The colour trend for wallpaper this year is green – in muted, lively or earthy tones. Don’t be afraid to pick a punchy palette in your paper selections this season. We love emerald green, especially when paired with wooden furniture.

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