Wear Your Energy

There is an indefinable quality that speaks your presence. It announces you with unapologetic vigour and clarity. It is timeless, bespoke, and invisible. It separates those who show up from those who arrive. It is an accessory that is uniquely you, and faux you doesn’t exist. That je ne sais quoi which speaks volumes is your energy.

What is energy?

In our essence, we are pure energy. Quantum physics states that the deeper you go into what we perceive as the physical or material world, what you find is actually vibrating energy. It’s what we are entirely made up of. Our bodies comprise a system of energies which influence our physiology. Each organ, tissue and cell in our body vibrates in its own unique way. Traditional healing modalities and complementary medicine are based on this very premise. Sometimes referred to as our ‘energy body’ or ‘life force energy’, it is a system of electrical energy which vibrates within, around and through us continuously. The measurable field of electromagnetic energy which surrounds us is known as our aura. It continuously processes information from our environment and contains unique patterns of information relating to our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. When we think of ourselves in terms of our energetic make-up, this energy field can be seen as the foremost expression of ourselves. Your energy is authentically you.

Trying on something different

Humans are creative beings. We aspire to and create possibilities from our own subjective dossier of beliefs about ourselves and others. We create our energy from our thoughts and feelings and bear the energetic results in our auric field. We wear our energy implicitly through gesture, intonation, or how we carry ourselves. We may struggle to define energy and yet be instinctively attentive to it. We can recognise how it feels to meet others we perceive to have an aura of calm, confidence or elegance which has nothing to do with who they are or what they wear. We instinctively form impressions based not only on what we see visually but what we feel and experience. When we interact with others, we sense and respond to their energies, as they do to ours. When we say we get a feeling or a vibe about someone, it is their particular energies, meeting with ours, which creates an impression. Imagine meeting someone on the street, in a café or at the airport whose presence strikes you for some unknown reason. Perhaps they embody a rare and desirable quality of standing in their shoes and meaning it. Undoubtedly what you are admiring will be influenced by more than just physical appearance – it’s in their energy. No one has ever tried on confidence and found it didn’t fit. To wear confidence is to own your energy.

Freely flowing energy is the new black

Our thoughts and emotions are interwoven in the energy we present and this is automatically and indiscriminately presented to the world. Different feelings effect how our energy vibrates. When we are positive and happy our energy has a higher vibration than when we experience negative emotions. We gain our sense of self through our thoughts and emotions. It is estimated that the human mind thinks between 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. The majority of these are automatic, unconscious reflections of our current beliefs. In a busy life, time to reflect on the energy we cultivate through our thoughts rarely appears until we carve it out. We seek balance through activities such as yoga, mindfulness and alternative therapies which by their nature address us holistically as a system of living energies. We are never so still or centred as when our energy is in vibrant motion. Freely flowing energy is the new black. If we chose our wardrobe like we choose our thoughts, wearing our heart on our sleeve would have a whole new meaning.


Helen Kielt, Contributor. (IG @helenkielt)

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