What Not To Wear in 2020 – Trends That Are Set To Flop In The New Year

As we all know, fads come and go and while others trend-set and are here to stay, many microtrends have their day and fizzle out.

So whether you’re a thrifty, preloved kind of shopper, or you’ll have your online shopping bag full of shiny new ‘must-haves’ at dawn on Boxing Day, here is a quick guide on the 2019 trends that won’t continue to strut their stuff into 2020 (so perhaps don’t bother splashing the cash in the sales)…


Is that a designer you’re wearing? 2019 saw an explosion of logos (genuine and oh-so-faux) splashed over bags, footwear and clothing. Burberry, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Chanel set the trend alight and the masses followed suit, coveting logo-saturated pieces and wearing them with pride. The new year sees a more subtle statement of relaxed neutrals and a paired back approach.

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There’s no denying we all breathed a sigh of relief when it became not just acceptable, but fashionable to wear our gym shoes out and about, but 2019 took it a step further with the rise of chunky, rather ugly footwear filling our Instagram feeds and street style snaps. The new year sees flashy colour-clashing styles, exaggerated platform pumps and oversized trainer tongues back on the shelves and off the streets.

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Adding to plastic landfill across the fashion globe, 2019 saw every female with hair try out the hair clip craze. Another return of the retro, the clips had to be pearl-embellished, gem-encrusted or spell out a statement. It seems we’re done now. Keep for the kiddies and dressing up boxes.

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It still feels impossible that good old ‘wore them for sports day when I was 7’ cycling shorts were ever cited as a trend, but here we are. The athleisure trend dragged out one last lycra hurrah, and if you were brave enough, you squeezed your way into them too, along with the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan and Victoria’s Secret models. We are sorry not sorry to say cheerio. Unless you’re actually cycling. Actually no, still no.

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* Sidenote: If you already own these items, this doesn’t have to mean throwing out and buying new. Experiment with styling up older pieces, keep them for when the fashion fad inevitably makes its return, sell online, or donate to charity shops and clothing banks


Eve Brannon

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