Why Autumn Is Better Than Summer

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RIP Summer 2018, you were long, hot, beautiful and full of magical memories that will remain in my heart (and on my Timehop) for the rest of eternity. But guys, there’s no need to mourn the end of the summer months because after summer comes the best season of all. Don’t believe me? Still crying that it’ll be a year until you see the sun again? Quit your belly-aching (note to self: must use this under-rated phrase more often) and see below the reasons why autumn is waaay better than summer:

The Clothes
What’s better than pulling on leggings, cosy socks, a big comfy jumper and a scarf? Nothing, that’s what. And even for nights out you can still be comfy whilst being a style queen – goodbye crop tops and spaghetti strap dresses with boob tape holding you in place, hello polo necks, tights, comfy skirts and chic coats.

The Shoes
No more blisters or big-toe-rub from uncomfortable summer sandals and as it’s still a few months before Christmas party season and heels you can enjoy your flat boots and Uggs (yes, I’m still campaigning for the acceptance of Uggs) and your feet can rejoice.

No Maintenance
Thanks to the extra layerage of clothing you can kiss goodbye to time-consuming hair removal and tanning. Bonus tip: the hairier your legs are, the warmer you’ll be! Also, if you’re having a bad hair day you can just shove it under a hat. Hooray to the low-maintenance season.

Easier Instagramming
In the summer we have to convince people we’re living our best lives in exotic locations, position ourselves in ungodly positions for perfect bikini shots and generally always look like a bronzed goddess to rack up them likes. In autumn, you take a pic of some fallen leaves or a pumpkin on your doorstep and the crowds go wild.

You Can Get Fat
No more bikinis, no more shorts, no more crop tops = eating creamy soups and crusty bread, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and ditching the salads because if you put on an extra layer of chub you can just cover it with a sweater. Genius. 

Cosy Nights In
No more pressure to attend BBQs or trendy rooftop bars, but instead you can revel in the joy of nights in watching Bake Off snuggled under a blanket with the fire lit and a bottle of red wine accompanied by a mountain of cheese. Save money and be a happy big snuggly bug in a rug.

No Weather FOMO
There’s nothing worse than being trapped in your office as you gaze out the window at a beautiful summer’s day, daydreaming about picnics and Pimms. But now that it’s cold and crisp you’ll be marginally less depressed about being stuck inside all day (because even small victories are victories).

An Extra Hour of Sleep
OK, this only happens once in the season but I for one count this as a tremendous attribute of autumn. Thank you, daylight savings.

I feel personally victimised as an adult that it’s ‘unacceptable’ to wear fancy dress in every day life and therefore I am very grateful for Halloween. Getting dressed up, watching scary movies, carving pumpkins (for the ‘gram), bobbing for apples and waving a sparkler is still just as much fun in adulthood as it was when you were a kid. Don’t be a Halloween Scrooge, embrace it.

No More Weddings
Wedding season is OVER. Congratulations, you survived! No more splashing out on gifts and wasted weekends attending your mum’s friend’s niece’s stepbrother’s nuptial celebrations. You can hang up your fascinator for another year and enjoy scrolling through non-wedding photos at last.

It’s Cuffing Season
Cuffing season, according to Ubran Dictionary, is ‘the period during autumn and winter in which avid singletons find themselves seeking to be ‘cuffed’ or ‘tied down’ by a serious relationship. In other words, if you’re single, this is your time to shine because everybody and their granny (if that’s your thing) is looking for someone to snuggle and keep warm with in the chilly months. Alternatively, you can save yourself the hassle and buy an electric blanket.

It’s Nearly Christmas
OK, it’s not really, but it’s closer to Christmas than it was in the summer and I for one can not wait to deck the halls, get my tree up and count down to Santa’s arrival.

So, happy autumn everybody. I wish you lots of hot chocolate, scented candles, sumptuous knitwear, horror movie marathons and cuddles from Tinder boys you’d never look at any other time of the year. God bless us, every one.

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