Why So Many Former Stars Of The Hills Are Reluctant To Join The Reunion

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When it was first announced at the MTV VMA awards back in August that The Hills reunion was headed to our screens, fans rejoiced. After all, there’s only so many times you can rewatch old episodes and refresh Daily Mail for the latest goss about the cast members. Eight years after the finale and a 10th anniversary special with Lauren Conrad – The Hills Anniversary Special: That Was Then, This Is Now –  it’s about time someone fed our addiction.

Initially the announcement only confirmed Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Adrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt, Justin Brescia (aka Justin Bobby) as the original castmates making a return. Since then Whitney Port has confirmed she’ll be joining her former castmates for the reunion as will Brody Jenner and wife Kaitlynn Carter.

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In an Instagram post confirming her appearance in the show’s reboot, Port wrote “Throw back to my first VMAs look. Good thing I get to go back and make up for my insane looks on #thehills on the NEW HILLS REBOOT!!! Maybe they’ll let me out of the fashion closet this time. #mtv.

Without her former work wife, Lauren Conrad on the show it will be interesting to see where producers take Whitney’s storyline.

As for Brody Jenner, he starred as love interest to both Lauren Conrad and her successor as star of the show, Kristin Cavallari – although slightly devastatingly both women have confirmed this was all fake and set up for the cameras. He was a regular cast member for all six seasons and even appeared in the final ever episode which seemed to reveal the scripted nature of the show. Jenner’s confirmation came at a later date to the rest of the cast and he didn’t appear on the VMA’s red carpet alongside his co-stars, leading to plenty of concern from fans that he wouldn’t in fact be involved. Much to the relief of many, both he and wife, Kaitlynn were able to reach a deal with MTV ahead of the show airing in January 2019.

Rumours are flying about the return of both Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby to the show, former on-again-off-again love interests – both of whom are reportedly single at the moment. Will this finally be their happy ending we all so desperately longed for?

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Which leaves Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth and Kristin Cavallari – all of whom have opted out of the reunion. But, why?

While it was rumoured that LC’s lack of co-operation came down to bad blood between former castmates, Lo is the only former The Hills star to have openly spoken out against the show and its cast members. The lifestyle guru and entrepreneur had previously been approached about a reunion back in February to which she openly admitted her response was “F**k no”. Further explaining this she told her Lady Lovin’ Podcast co-hosts, “I don’t want any association with any of these people. The disassociation from all those people is what I’m hungry for.”

“I think everybody actually feels that way about co-workers, which is really what The Hills was. They were all just my f**king co-workers. It was a job. A j-o-b.” she continued. Alrighty then…

In her defence, having heard rumours of how the cast were treated as well as how they each behaved during filming – most famously, Kristin Cavallari confirmed that Lo along with Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt were bribed with Birkin bags and other designer gifts if they implied on camera that Kristin had a drug problem – you can see why there may be a little bad blood there from Lo, perhaps remorse for how she behaved or blame directed at producers for how they portrayed her in the show. Reality tv isn’t for everyone and it has to be remembered that this was ten years ago, their lives have changed and they’ve done a lot of growing up. Plus that’ve had to live with the press – good and bad – that the show brought into their lives. For Bosworth, that’s seemingly not something she wishes to return to and perhaps for good reason.

As for Kristin Cavallari, she’s previously spoke very highly and seemed excited about the prospect of a reunion for the MTV show. Appearing as a guest on the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast, she told hosts Heidi and Spencer Pratt, “I would love nothing more than a Hills reunion.” Since the show ended, Cavallari has gone on to launch her own business, Uncommon James, release her own cookbook and appear in her own E! reality tv series, Very Cavallari. Sadly her involvement in the latter means she can’t join her former co-stars for The Hills reunion due to contractual obligations to E!.

For LC, despite rumours of conflict, it comes down to the fact that she’s just too busy. She’s moved on with her life and between raising her (very cute) little boy, managing her various business ventures, heading up her design team for her Kohl’s line and overseeing her newly opened store for non-profit Little Market, there’s no room in her schedule – perhaps a little too conveniently for the former reality star. To be totally fair to her, while it would have been a small dream come true for her to return, she made her exit an entire season and a half before the show itself came to a close so her return would be an odd thing to not only for us to expect but also for producers to incorporate into storylines. Initially, in 2016, when speculation of a reunion began, LC was reported to be the one big holdout on The Hills movie following the show’s ten year anniversary special. For a while the project didn’t move on without her, until now. I guess we’ll have to take what we can get and enjoy reruns of her original episodes and more recently released 10th anniversary special. In 2015 Conrad famously told Redbook, “I definitely wouldn’t encourage my child to do reality television.” So I guess having made her position very clear, we shouldn’t have expected her appearance on the reunion series.

Despite Bosworth, Cavallari and Conrad opting out of the project, producers are certainly keeping things interesting with the most recent cast member announcement. Mischa Barton took to Instagram to announce her casting on the show, posting a video of her listening to The Hills theme song, Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten before saying “Welcome to The Hills bitch” – a direct reference to The O.C of which Barton is famed for. She captioned the post, “The secret’s out…I’m joining the cast of The Hills. When MTV approached me with the chance to be a part of the reality show that was inspired by The OC, it felt like the perfect opportunity for an irresistibly inviting new chapter.”

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The reunion will follow the OG cast, their significant others and kids in a docuseries around LA. How Mischa Barton fits into it all, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs in January 2019.



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